Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Queen of France

Poetry: Ego Reactives


Waking to words, over-expressing their egos.
De-expressionism even works as a stalemate self, as a have to.
rendering the ego, and its awaited response,
to any swirl of injective talk space.

Rejection cycling through,
hits and barrages and fire
that storm my person,
as the enemy only in exist.

Ego - Reactives;

Personality put outs,
recalls to the self.

Regretted out almost in instant,
capture those what happened outputs
and place each one softly onto that shelf.

Saddened in their despairs,
accrue on,
as represented selfs reaction,
reacted to living in its precedent form,
that actualizes into nothing
aside from the austerities of regret.

I think i saw you,
but disappeared within,
as shy covets its endurance
upon its shelf.