Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Queen of France

Poetry: Reasons into the Why

Side notes,
Mrs Professa states in triplicae;

Limits on display...
societal rainfall on limitae...
boundries spectation,
good woman on the classae
not perservating
easy woman,
overheld that way,
supposed says
respecta into the out,
no more over-provokae
allowed today,
gettin into the why,
the choice of
weddings high.

Teargas on squares round
decherished friendship
sent into a sail away
onto safety found, 
greenaholic demilitant clown
dressin in the unnew armic gown,
profiled drastica,
dancin in on studios,
brick and tiled,
tramin in,
on the trollies side
wanted next to
a seat next to
ridiculous 'sumptions
ridiculous 'sumptions into abide.
on the all of sudden
no more decide.

Sadalia a little on the bit
love groupas living on no commit,
guess the time subsquanked.
deferring rations out
into the corporate tank.

Even then though,
I still woulda lived
in the hold out
of that time
upted into the fresh ago.

Other scaries on the
rendered into,
normals jabbin
as needles drail on
sighten into
a new distinctuaire,
its only loves dance there.
its only loves dance there.
write off those
other loves as a gone away,
a never remembered
a completely forgot
"This is not a happy
remembrance moment
of forget me nots."

Stated in the true
some dudes other,
we have to lose,
"let the woman
be the decider of who."

Rulian into ballet,
keep selling it,
its the only
be in love way.

Reglamenta obulatum
zuri on the zura
judicias cantonia
obulatum tutus gown,
fra sumpetueta
spent into
alreadies frown.

**Limits-in, not the first time, feeling as a cruel combine;
routines gathered without choices, expressing as, n=o free wyill.