Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Queen of France

Poetry: Boudourian Pits


Dance is lonely and isolatory
why would she take that version over you,

She has her clinches on,
without the adamations of clenchory sheets,
I did try it a few times,
in humouric form, that attraction,
the requires of
beautiful nail drops held tight,
diverting worries distortic intrude
to their possibles of disconnect.

It does enjoy,
within the emplentitudes of disreason,
gravates further into orgamsus give,
yet curses exteriorate
into a disrupt of plaguery intrusions,
aisde from disconnect,
the pose of else.
a movied introductive order.

The anarchal disenchants
of spectored enhancements,
hence into fine linery,
undulating its return out,
and into out.

training videos do help women,
and omg what happened before?

Tapping into the tantalize,

In experienca,
voyeurism predominates, early on,
liquor stores unblocked magazines,
a gift to the curiousities,

What happened before?
sparce creatas?
paintings helped.

What happened before?
the real before,
its not there on petroglyphs,
unless explained else,

Certain tribes, with tribal rituals
finessing its pleasuric deities.

An odd miss in the now,
from those resplendent introductives
of womanhood into the captivation
of disheediant temptations. 

and later, east and west,
kinda like it tastes or feels good,
so, it got painted, into advertise.

Which disengage,
as respects to female ordainment,
tend to run into a jealous keep
of tribal questioning.

Not sure iIm understood.
who is that b^*()h now?
underplates in easy.

As energy gazes upon in-retrospect,
the haunts of boudoir retaliate again.