Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Queen of France

The Powders of Immature

tractorization: over-refining what was there and creating the immature soils...
Refined, crumbled, machined, sived, powdered and over-stirred...
the soil is no longer ~ the old soil normal.
Rejuvenating FlowersSimple Allotment
Before: Simple allotment with "Rejuvenating Flowers"
The olde soil consisting of larger minerals-to-plant combinations.
Where a chunk of calcium stone, was gathered from the plant in only one area.
Now, with our current system of agriculture, the stone is broken and chipped into many pieces, as a smaller sand.
The plant has had to alter and receive its diet from the once larger piece of calcium, ie. to little bits of the calcium stone, located in several different areas.
Tilled Fields
After: Large Swatch of Tilled Agriculture
It*(the soil component) gives an instant food supply to the plant, yet,
the plant is fed in that shorter moment from the tiny sand pieces.
--Where before it received a meal in one restaurant,
---instead of the new rational portions of many restaurants.
and the minerals and soil parts are now all tinier,
...calcium, magnesium, iron, insect meal, sea and river shells, worm castings, etc.

Where in the past persons had time to write, or study,
now the people cannot as they have deficit syndromes.
The parallel here to the deficits-- are the instant rations, of food supply,
gathered in a shorter time frame, (and click), moving on to another instant ration.
Easily distracted humans
Creating an immature population of quickly distracted persons.
To look at and review are the simple garden allotments, that dot much of Eastern European gardens. However, even those after years of incorrect fertilization and nutritive balance can have reduced nutritive supply.
Soil Testing
A call to soil testing for any new garden is not a bad idea.
Once supplied with the results, the necessary amendments and adjustments will be more exacting toward better nutritional values.