Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Queen of France

A Flower and Chi Reactives: Energy

In reference to the balance of an equilibrium of efforts, with chi.

As a flower wakes in the morning to another of same variety,
they experience a balance.
When another of different variety is near or next to,
the balance of that equilibrium can also be met,
If no stronger or weaker flower energy persists.

If a flower has an abundance of elements that exude
past into the volumned frequencies of another,
it's grouping of elements, are momentarily stronger.
though not necessarily longer living.

The weaker less exudant flower has an energy
similar to an audience member,
listening to the performing event of the other.
They exist this way weaker and stronger in acceptance,
as a companion flower,

and do not have to disrupt the energy of the other.
No matter the colorations,
size of flower
or the number or flowers in grouping.

If the stronger is an aggressive energy,
dominating the field also of the weaker,
(and only continues performing, not letting the audience go home)
the energy area that the weaker needs to survive, is limited,
and the event becomes a bullying...
where the weaker flower is disrupted into a less longer life.

So in this abusive perspective:
the weaker energy flower is only destroyed
by a stronger energy flower that is not able to balance its grouping of elements
within its own existent space.
The over-performing flower(s) shoot outs at chaotic randomness and is disruptive.

The action event is from a greedy grouping of metals,
that cannot maintain dignity of location in one area, and are expandant without care.
This does not say that they are fortressed, only that certain elements are that aggressive.

A natural discriminatory action occurs from this type of a misbalanced-abusive energy user.
(The one that does not let the audience go home, speak and live as normal.)
This parallels to humans, who participate regularly in greed, discrimination and nationalism.

In this moment, I believe full-heartedly that certain organic elements (metals and minerals)
attribute to creating these types pf persons more so.
Very possibly certain tribes would never have known of such persons living in the demandant state,
as those tribes were originally eating only from certain passive mineral and metalia compounds.

Outside of native origins,
all persons are entered into the chaotic possibles
that can create aggressivity of normally non-aggressive persons.