Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Queen of France

The Asteroid and the Chi Connection Call

There is the chi energy of place origin,
holding the rock and its combines in one area of space.
The chi energy of its origin changes its decisional
and instead of a hold,
reverts to the send away action.

The direction the asteroid takes
is a destination chosen by the original chi location.

With the original chi location directing (pathing) the rock to another area, which could have been called into the directive action from a stronger chi point from elsewhere.

So, the rock is essentially controlled by its originator of reactions,that were strong enough to send it away to another area.

When it arrives,
it can be held there by the originator energy that sent it
or given over to another high energy keeper of that area of space.

This does not say,
if there is a one god or not,
only that the asteroidial rocks
are quite controllable by energy fields of others.
If god or a high energy keeper of all exists, it does actually become a plausitive state into a spiritual consciousness found while meditating
and living in the chi realm.