Thursday, February 7, 2013

Queen of France

Consciousness and nerves

many various single cells

Dealing with consciousness using nerves being the fail or pass system.

A single cell organism it has one objective survival goal,
one direction with one spirit of energy flow in that energy flow.

It has succeeded to this point from many pass or fail evolutions.
single cell, in marianas trench.

When the single cell organism dedicates into a larger grouped organism,
it still keeps its individual directives.
he is called simple, yet a multiple-celled organism.
Multicellular includes protists, fungi and plants and animals including:
red algae and kelp, mosses, water lilies and ferns, conifers, jellyfish, 
corals and sponges, earthworms, octopuses, snails and slugs, insects, 
crustaceans, mammals, birds, reptiles, dinosaurs
fish and amphibians:

In the grouped organism the many single cell organisms continue as normal,
 yet endure further evolutions.

Those evolutions occur because the single cell is still undergoing a pass/fail scenario
yet with the circumstances of many others.

So a bump "action", that never would have occurred before on its own, is happening.
When that is overdone it must change its action or die.
The action being another direction or finding a quieted grouping area with less disturbances.

If enough of the single cells that are going along as normal experience a blockage,
it persists as a nerve fault,
where before it was a usual unnerved flow of reactive states.

The blockage event disturbs them and they are limited into basic survive now or die sequencing.

Similar to a squirmish event.
If they all had the plan to go north and are blocked
they are forced to retract,
and either try to evolve quickly elsewhere,
or die waiting for the original regrouping to proceed.

As food and nutrients are now not available, as normal,
they must find them another way or perish.

In the moment of the nerve blockage,
they are experiencing an unusual frequency to before,
so its like an out-of-tune instrument all of a sudden.
where before they did have an original tune that worked.

Like matter itself with object-to-object,
putting 2 pens together further or closer apart is a different freq.
When they clash together it is the most objectionable registration of the objects.

So the single cells may be running and editing
to maintain a less than objectionable frequency,
as something was wrong all of a sudden.
Such as a wall on a freeway.  
If being away from their normal in-tune frequency is disturbing to them,
it is an aspect of pain consequence and felt.

Oddly now the nerves have 2 direct localities of incoming feelings available to the brain.
1.) external: from the out of frequencied aspect, registered in the aura also.
where before that area was humming as a deep green, it is now a pink hue.
2.) internal: the block of grouped single cell organisms not able to flow as normal,
that registering to the brain as a message area not received.
When a message area is not received, panic occurs...
if the time in the delayed moment(s) go on too long.
After no message is sent, the brain sends freqs higher in the why question.
sending out an answer this...and return query... to the area,
as it is an abnormal problem.

acting as the question of...
why do i not any longer feel correct in this part of my body?

When persons still have latent feelings to forever non-available areas,
perhaps that is fed by a major grouping of memory cells
that take much longer to forget the information.

The pain message to the brain would be sent as a higher internal freq.
upping the bloods frequency outputs also, depending on the damage.

Just for info....
1.) with aura occurrence recognition,
this lends further credibility to:
a.  hands-on-healers
b. "acupressure"
c. and also that fun:   your now healed...phaser on star trek.