Friday, January 25, 2013

Queen of France

World population statistics: the working young

This is a quick scenario statistic estimate
with 1 child only per woman (20-40)
and the inclusion population increase of longer lived persons:

The longevity statistics are added in, as diets and lifestyles modify...
longer lived vegans (w/no cane or corn syrup sugars, no fried foods),
exercise, pollution decreases and lower stress required work habits.

The findings are... a smaller population of younger persons,
working and supplying food, utilities and other items... to the-over 70's population:
by 2075 50% of the world's population will be over 70.
Having more children does not solve the problem either,
merely adds less space to live and the need for more food and resource supplies,
and more persons to enter into the-over 70's age group to have to work for.

Every resource is needing increases in supply, the quick answer is to modify usables to last longer.
Such as: finding clothing that lasts longer and only allowing that type of cloth available for purchase. -----------distressed levis sold new, kinda ruined the long lasting cloth plan. normally canvas and heavy untreated wools, and non-plastic cloths outlast whereas most light cottons, linens and plastics tend to deteriorate.

On a person-to-person scale:

People will choose to live longer over creating new.

*I kept the original 17% numeration and did not reduce the number with the increased% of over-70s.
so, the number includes 100% population increased 35% to 135%,
in actuality of a 100%-only number, the 17% will be also reduced, by 35%. to  aprox. 11% of population.
(the men in the 20-40 agegroup are also a similar stat),
The main workforce group of men and women then drops from 35% avr. to 22 %.

.....and persons in their 40's now (me also), going into the 2090's. and living another 80 years,
all the while the 20-40's being the manual labor workforce..

if the 20-40's also go with having 2-3 children, we simply  have a larger population,
as the old and healthy will get continually older more than ever before.

China's population away from cities polluted,
will already show, the one child law, has many more elderly persons than before... % wise.