Sunday, January 6, 2013

Queen of France

monster board... wolf call

Looking for an experienced wolf seeking new requirements in sustenance reckoning.

Chances are this wolf will be non-desirous of normal domesticated faire and not yet overfatted by the zoo-ious cuisine.

Tired of living unintelligible to another unintelligible meal, of the same?

Looking for a wolf needing prosperity from new tastes, in vanquished conquers.
New tastes in rare.
One seeking old times again also,
back to buffalo challenges and giant herds of large fighting gazellian elks.

Endure and live your time now only as a savage,
sophisticated with powers of specie,
born only from your known ancestral bones.

Refuse the offer and tangeate into the asylum of the others,
fatted dumb and physicalled into nothing capable anymore,
only requiemed into the feed out, stupified by a chosen choice~ the easy bowl filled there.

Chances to regain your powerific controls and re-wisen your specie into a longeve that is able to confront, to attack, to fight, to hunt, to run, to maneuver, air into scented followings on the trail,
a chance to keep the heady knowledges of chase, a life driven back into savours,

before you and your offspring are but an eating machine of 'nothing really matters at all'.
and you become theirs',
those humans stating in their quiet call, 'a gone conclusion'
"bored by what they ate, we lost them all."

or even endure and stay on and live as a housepet, hunger normalle,
bevy even those dreams as a distant on,
running nowhere, esteems gone.

How long til your emptiness self-destructs...
glading dreams, empty shadows of before,

Looking for 'something missing'
tired of living in quieted passages, 
captured and housed in?
knowing you are your own death reaper
seeking a faster away, a risk to a faster over,

before's edge of resounding calls lurk inside as a known re-remind.
while parfaited biscuits shaped by civility decor your pantry various in design.
when great wolf calls to
tartaunia, he is shamania of high spirit wolf,
depth calling nighted brights over-glow
shaking free tartaunia's dustic creations,
and subtle~ing the eclectia falling roamers into being,
animals brought in nearer to days find."

... or else all perish." is for the biblia add-on section:

(Yes, he is theist to the only religion. the planet ever needs to know.) 

"Alright i am a wolf",
"I can't live the before way though. I am not trained agile or wiley anymore.,
the cartoon is more wild, and i hesitate as humans thus."


"Large Retreat of Threatened Animals 800 hectares."

A chance to get out, shake away lunar dust again,
and join this new army of animals, 
the one that requires randoms, even of your despairs in hunting losses.

As a year-end bonus, one may also find newly introduced - other endangered also,
rabbits, gophers, shrews, pheasants, plants, flowers, herbs, etc.

-----------------------------totally fenced--------------------------------.