Thursday, December 6, 2012

Queen of France


This morning on the wake of early,

the computer age has precipitated us into a conclusionary state.
A state often relinquished into fear of its upset.
An upset so ferocious and fierce that all mankind demises away from being.

The typos ...
a typo here or there, viraling into a missle or two,
panick us into an awakening .

Misheeded fortunes plenished with disaster tools,
armied into facets unknown states of antiquate..
living as normal, macarthyism normal,
their odd rise into another power,
'ownage power' of de-intelligible corruptable weapons.

Little youngins' playing crypto games, forgetting,
we are a shareware system.

I hesitate to rule us into that ordinance of a no-typo state of being,
yet the movies have justed themselves fat into this happening,
the possiblity so tight, that I can hear it's happenstance on the news at anytime.

In the scrunging out spider' of find and replace' to cleanse the internet
of typos here and there, it cannot be fixed.
The chase is too fraught with hotspotted realities.

Our open codeacia mantra has servers spilling wares,
a talk to talk, a shh shh here or there.
Whispering to whom?? tunnels re-declare.

Technology run by the cut and paste
corporate state,
into the findage search, 'we must populate'.
Surely then....a brainiac will be born -
to brush away our nightmares,
and re-claim those decrimped techo states.

Making more on the sale
'sms anything to you',
is perhaps ...was perhaps,
for sure - the wrong thing to do.

The mediacs, rushed into the sale of
tv's freq'ed out fortunes,
sent us all into a plethera of place,
'computers on the new' that will help us out forever.

Yet, one person does not a only a 1000 processes make. ,
one person can rule them into millions, even by mistake.

We are re-feeders, each machine bouncing virals around,
and adding computer-active humans
into our techie-gone-wild 'orleanic state',
brings computanic overrides of fate.  

Was the money worth it,
another rowdy debutantee plunking around?
missiles 'gone-jilted' emoticons on the frown.


This was not my talk today though,
no, it was about a tighter macarthy state.

Grips of who is allowed to touch these machines,
heightens into fear, and demands of a stop.
A helper to "save us all",
Macarthy then, wins 'secureness power',
saving mankind in its dearest hour.

[ "No wild allows, no florific states", ]

 "What game is this?" says an independent wanting rone.

[ "Mr independence, mr creativity., yes, you are flamboyant and fibonacied to the floor,
however we request on you to backup and rule you specific to create nevermore." ]

[ "Brink them', stop them', lan them',
only to ride saddle with themselves." ]

ssh rone:
What do we do with our overt opulent power,
the possibility of even destructing 'possible'.

Possible is the middle ground, the hope and the un-hope bringer,
yet the other tones are way too 'black and white'.
The deletion of possible, is an immediate run, 
owning persons to side with their tight.

"Yet, possible is our only route,
away from... declarant-quick
and on the nitro,"
"antoher war-with-no-faire."

[ x ] .

tired of your sign.