Saturday, August 11, 2012

Queen of France

Weight a vator explained.

This is the explaination of the weight avator and its workings
the confusing vlog is at: weight avator

*the orange, green and grey-lilac represent one weight avator, 
and its varying actions, 
while the blue-teal color represents the occasional stair journey up. 
The complete answer to making the elevator or tree-well... w/ the least 
less human involvement is at the bottom of the blog.

To create a continual experience of weights being rebalanced, so the humans interfere the littlest amount:

the options are:

1. rain water collections to re-aquaint the abacus-style scales when the older weights go  missing from the top section. As the top section is the imperative to refill.  

2. Bringing a weight heavier than yourself with you to descend, and lower the elevator, 
(such as recycling, grey-water, furniture, etc.), while at the same time,
bringing up a larger weight than normally used, helps to rebalance the system. 

3.the real-time living option is, 
to go with "a pressure upstairs system", via upstairs an hydrolics lowering pressure kitchen (for instance) "upstairs only", 
yet relegated to when it lowers into a pump-lift action from below.

         morning mid-day at night.      
The air pressure is sent below....  and then sends a return weight, 
to re-loads the upper level, for additional return trips.

Also a manual pressure pump of the reload, also works, 
by foot or bicycle or hand pully, on the second level, (or tree-house), 
while the pump action elevates the water or weight from an aquaduct 
or weight-ready area below.

Once the above area (second level) has plenty of weight in re-fill, (for the return trips), 
there is no reason why the user would have to climb the stairs at all.