Friday, August 10, 2012

Queen of France

Sugar Elimination

As time has progressed and people have learned again and again
by science and experimentations that sugar is a devaluant to health and well  being, we need to remove it from our daily nutrition intake.

It is listed all over the internet in recipe after recipe,
and science has proven, time and time again, that it causes:
brain damage, hyperactivity, death to healthy cells, tooth destruction,
birth defects, premature births, low birthweight infants, and diabetes.

To hand out recipes containing sugar amounts,
it can be a seen as a direct attack against a persons health.
The author's that are listing white and cane sugar-use recipes,
are delivering damagable proponents to others.
This is a punishable crime, and enters into a serious problem.

We have learned from the past studies to abstain, from it., and avoid it.,
but the recipe websites are offering the old recipes available for free.
If you run a recipe website I strongly recommend removing those recipes,
or you and your company are up for an inclusion in a litigation at any time.

The sugar industry is only a business, and supporting it via grandmother's
old recipe is a time past.

We are nothing through science, if we do not use its learned knowledge,
and go on from 300 years ago, past the sugar trade colonial domination.

Also included as unhealthy sugars are:
condensed corn and wheat (grain) syrups,
as those sugars have also been proven to be an accelerator of body damage.

Healthy Alternatives:
Healthy non-condensed alternatives exist, and they are:
fruits and fruit juices, such as...
pear, apples, applesauce, plum, peaches, 
nectarines, cherries, bananas, etc.,
dried fruits: 
dates and date water, raisins and raisin water, etc.,
a few natural carbohydrates such as: 
sweet or yam potatoes, pumpkin
natural non-condensed milk sugars,
and also some sweet herbs.

All of which can be used in those original old recipes
and are not derogatory to the body.

White Sugar:
The white sugar is a direct hit,
as a drug that strips anything and everything in its path
for delivery to be recognized as a first energy.
Humiliating the other energy components of cells, that release energy slower,
rendering those energies void, 
and the white sugar goes into attack the pitituary gland,
disturbing the blood sugar levels.
Once the blood sugar levels are upset,
mania is induced into the body,
as a panic in a riot event.
Bringing severe stress to healthy cells that were calm and
non-disturbed in their response, before the interference.   

If the candy companies and big sugar businesses want to joe camel for a while,
I find that would be more than stupid...

Litigation after litigation, class action lawsuits,
groups of millions of people looking and seeking damages for the mistreatment.
People wanting and receiving monetary payback,
as their health has been destroyed...
in the light of so much known information and data,
that the companies have had available to them as straight up knowledge.
That any judge can clearly read as evidence, against sugar.  
"against sugar usage for humans and animals, as it damages their health."

The murky info is with ~ raw brown cane sugar ~, I would avoid it entirely.

What work do you do? says the party goer, "I'm a "Health Lawyer"."

As with cigarettes, a danger label,
such as dangerous to consume~ labeling can be included on packaging,
but that does not stop litigation,
by persons and their families, even after a death.

Online Terms and Conditions:
An *individual listing sugar recipes may not be held accountable,
but the company offering the reading info to others can be.
The online terms and conditions of the recipe websites, need to be modified,
for the recipe listers to know of the stipulation at sign-up
and/or when they list a recipe.

A sugar snifter spider can help the online recipe companies locate
the sugar recipes that need to be removed,
or held out for chefs, bakers and cooks to modify with healthier ingredients.

*this non-accountability 
does not include the individual that is a viral recipe-pusher,
with multiple usernames, IP's, etc.