Saturday, August 11, 2012

Queen of France

Ancient agriculture in desert climes

Maybe I have gone nuts,
but it is an odd thought, perhaps circus elephants are interested:

Elephants, elephants and more elephants,

The system used now is without our shade animals present,
kinda foolish, in this hot sunshine arrival, day after day.

Past secrets divulged ...via my online telepathy,
the elephants were used as slow walking shade making trellis'es.
Working w/the soil workers, the planters and garden tenders...
the persons who worked between the elephants, in the cooler shade.

Now as this action does put the elephants to work,
certain animal rights activists may complain.
But the other usage of foulant machinery items used on the soil
is a far worse action. 
And the elephants, may vary well enjoy the habit of their garden work career.

Strands of many camels may have also been used as garden helpers,
but one or two elephants are easier to handle,
and can even water the plants on command... from the irrigation troughs.

After the new plant growing cycle begins,
the elephants are linked ---point to point in rows,
tethered to a line on either side so they don't step on or overeat the plants.
(overeating is ok, at the end of the plants growing season though.)

|     elephant
| | shade canvas|   <--gardener('s) garden  
| | shade canvas|   garden    
|     elephant....and bonus fertilizer
----------------irrigation water---------- 

Botswana ElephantsPerhaps if re-used for agriculture the people will keep them as an important creature necessary for work, and not allow a disruption to their species to take place.

Retiring zoo and circus elephants:

Also there is a need to create elephant dung rotation farm areas,
to re-nourish areas of soil. w/special enlarged fencing put up and used during the re-fertilization re-tilling. or... presiding with accompaniment of
*elephant-trained shepard workers.

*new job title.