Friday, July 20, 2012

Queen of France

Trading, women and gov. reasonings

Not allowing electronic and/or non-electronic pit trading from occurring:

As before electric was invented there was also a silent financial market,
(aside from gold) waged between countries and their products.
Economies gained or lost,
created by population work force capturing, and by keeping them poverty enslaved to not eloquate into any higher means of wealth.

Enslaved into lower class structures, non-education being the norm.
As that group of persons know nothing more aside from the local propaganda, therefore they were easily swayed into being war protectorates for the wealthy
It was "my country or yours goes belly up", 
due to the overhigh cost of linens purchased at the high price, 
just as the ridiculous tulip market was a suckers buy also.
Leaving businessmen running to the lordship bank for a loan 
(if a high-up nobleman), or parting with herital family lands for a profit.
As time goes on... 
the prices endured in losses by buying the other countries exotics leave the businessmen out of purchase power, losing mills and shops etc. When many lose this way, the economy is not wanted anymore. 
As their rare exotics are not rare, but cheap and unfashionable to newer trends. 

If economies sweltered out of possible living standards,
war was then won easily by the richer government,
as the others couldn't buy enough weapons and armor.
Often the population itself had to provide their own armor,
and that was not easy, based on provisional coin payments.

This kind of financial market power-group, a rich country with goodies,

also owns several other poorer countries via trade channels.
As the poorer kingdoms and/or countries could
only purchase the cheapest items,
as the businessmen have overpaid and lost their wealth.
The rich country supplies cheap products also, usually from elsewhere
to keep the poorer kingdoms slightly above water and not have a war.
Even tone as allies in protection, a completely kept situation,
that if too kept it brings the poorer country into being soldiers
for the rich other.

One point of the new government is to remove this kind ownership,
such as the imf.

Price setting on a global scale, depends on the product,
as it would be great to say a one story 3 room house is equal to another,
but we can't, usually due to location.

As our imports from the asia are often exactly the same throughout europe,
the us and elsewhere, those items could be price set.
Such as found on ebay,
a computer mouse is a computer mouse... no matter where you live.

Price setting also occurs when buyers(the one w/the card)
is having up-to-10000 dotted in on their giftcard money,
when making a purchase.

In example:
16 persons buy bread for a major store, a 160,000 payment to sellers.
(16 cards dotted to 10000 each.)

The 16 persons vote on what type of breads,
and gain a better influence over preferred supplies in their region.

The bread selling company, purchases supplies to make the bread,
by having their giftcards dotted up to 10000 each.
As they have already been paid (44000),  including the paid wage of 34000,
a price increase is not normally necessary,
only the recouping of costs for supplies, travel, utilities and equipment.

A true fair trade is the bread-making company with 16 persons to purchase supplies, from their cards.
So, the 160,000 spent passes on to another group of 16 for 160,000 purchased.

If the objective is to save within the bread-making company:
Then they want a reduced purchase and production cost of only 10 cards in value, 100000... in example, 
then they need to have 16 employees. with payments (dotted cards to suppliers) of 6300 each. saving 2700 for each employee to spend on something else.
(the problem with this 60000 savings habit... is being an over-cheap supplier of worthy goods, foods and/or services to the people.)

bread-making company:
supply purchase cost=100000
number of cards=16
100000/16=6250(6300 rounded)
sold price=160000
amount each saved=2700.
(savings only for the yr. in availability spending when non-digital and non electronic,
....its debatable if a savings kept over one year,
in an electronic gov world is smart at all...
as humans tend to counter everything higher for a gainage over others based on wealth, creating militant warfare and running humans into suffrages with their power money portfolios.)

So everyone stays within the chain of cardship so to speak, and companies strive to keep employees and their employees cards.
Creating more cooperative working and voting ownerships.      


Onto discussing women, as they have been a stringent supplier to the past build up of wealth that led into over-lord owners with massive wealth powers, also owning opportunities into as many price settings and manipulations as possible:

1.) In older cultures, the daughters are traded for wealth objects:
paintings, horses, lands, etc.
These daughters are a positive value in wealth for any family,
as when she is old enough and married away,
the born-into family receives an income,
anywhere from small gifts to allied kingdoms...
a bonus wealth paid by the other family.

Building into the reason, to have many wives,
as they are always cheap to feed without extra extravagances,
aside from clothing, cloths and a few spices.
As the harem group of women also bare many more children,
the fortune known of every new daughter brings further wealth
into the fathers and sons kingdom.
If many sons are born, then warriers and leaders give protection to the father
also, and when grouped with others of similar beliefs, they form into decisional armies.

2.) In newer cultures,
daughters are married away and the married-into family receives gifts
to accept her. .... a dowry.
These christian women are a negative value to the family she was born into.
Negative to their wealth, as they must part with items to marry her away.
So it is not easy in impoverished and non-religious situations to maintain a dowry, rather its easier to forfeit the daughter into a workship consequence of any kind of work as soon as possible.
If the born-into family is religious, chances are the dowry is there,
and made from barely anything, offering the daughter as a sanctified puritanical marriage stereotype. 

3.) In either of the above newer or older cultures:
the women must be kept under some religious holding of virginity,
or the family will lose.
They will lose either an income value to the positive,
or a lower class declarance that enters the entire family into
no chance situation, of being an upstanding profession of any kind, 
only manual labor and being soldiers. and...
as they say, moved them all to other side of the tracks.

If raised properly, the daughter with a beautiful face and demeanor,
may rise above to be accepted into a higher class.
Therefore, beauty as a way into higher wealth,
has been the objective when raising lower wealth family daughters.


With the over-fatted women,
via hormone injected cows, sugar products, 
toxic trans-saturated fats, fried and also heavily starched foods,
it means the beauty-ratio population brought into the
higher wealth class is kept small.
Therefore, the new-entry debutantes...
poor yet gathered from beautiful faces, body and demeanor are less,
even with this massive population grouping.

Also, the new incomers benefit the socialite scene,
bringing their purity and religious upstandings, a wonderful truth to the people of lower classes, that morality is alive and well with the upper class.

If the beautiful lower class women become testers and tryers of many males...
The over partnered women find themselves in a mind misfortune of doubts.
With known-to male energies in general, not supplying her happiness,
she cannot remain beautiful and act her way through her sexually beautiful being forever, thusly falls into disrepair.

I would draw the conclusion,
that this type of woman brings further damages to her offspring,
making it next to impossible to raise a beautiful daughter,
as she once was.
If the whoric feeling mother brings her emotional misfortunes with men into motherhood, and the child wears the face of her disappointed earnings,
earnings of an empty heart and non-found contentment with the opposite sex.
In western culture time, it is variable in choices, yet the tv and other media represent women to be sexual testers with men and relationships,
being with many partners and lovers as the norm.

The fight here is why not, why accept the lower class structure, from before at all?  Be a working woman, and stereotype there with more money... all her own.
Unfortunately to rise away from the indulgent ownership methodolies of before, women must be profession schooled, which removes themselves from feminine sexuality in many cases.

Dealing with ledgers of book-keeping and numerations all her own,
a different face is held.
Man is not loving this working womans face,
it is too hard to remain with, so the divorce rate spires.

Man changes himself to accept her new wealth, and learns to act.,
the higher the mortgage the stress of loving.. miss non-sexual,
under the working conditions becomes a charade of discontentment.

So either he or she enters into another relationship,
and the old togetherness of a couple married throughout a lifetime
becomes an impossibility.

If he or she stays in the relationship and they have children,
the offspring are not born from contented people.
Chances are they will not be sexually beautiful as adults,
sired from working professional faces and concerns.

Beauty is now found more with uneducated females,
born from uneducated families away from major propaganda cultures.
Tribal women and heavily religiously raised women,
where she can live with naivity much of her youth and mistrust of men and persons is not the fashion or knowledge of conversation.

The old type of males prefer women with no money wants,
a barterable to her kept in a housed relationship,
where standards such as maidery, cooking, childed and
his escortable companionship...
as required for any formal gatherings with associated peers apply. 

The new type of males (non-internet) seek woman to woman,
looking for the stressful combination of a professional working woman
and a beautiful sexuality also. Next to impossible.

Once the make-up has been removed, and school fees paid,
the woman is no more, simply a manned face of workaholism.

Thus human sexuality male and female is forfeited,
over wealth gains and keepage.
Aside from seeing a few weirdo sexy advertisments, that are strange to many.
Tantalizations in advertising is not an assurity into safety in housing,
only a reminder as to try to get a good-looking spouse or partner.

Women have to be professional workers and university educated?
Not necessarily, with the new gov. ,
that would only be her choice, as the money is provided .
Reasoning the necessity of the new government, as the only way to stop the vicious cycle of losing women back into the dark ages of male ownership,
or futuring her kind into non-sexual beings.

Rather than feeling mandated for a free meal and sex,
with the possible move-in, (less financial overhead).
She has more successful decisionry with finding a partner,
away from the before haphazards.