Saturday, July 28, 2012

Queen of France

Pre-paid government giftcard reduction

After many months of over knowing,
the numeration of 44000 being too high,
as the yearly pre-paid government giftcard amount,
I am reducing it to...

also known as: 20.000.

The problem of overspending the amount won't happen,
because the safety amount held... of 10000
is released daily for spending...27.40

This will send more persons into the prepaid 5000 for a property each,
over the higher 10000.

The women who have been receiving 44000 or higher, a wage to "be a mom" from many older governments, will be needing some kind of financial guide* workers to help them shop in the the 20000 a yr. range also.
*to find bulk food and item ordering supply centers.

The average list of spending, after 365 days:

5000 to a property over 20 yrs*
(at the 4xs reductions on all property price)
4000 to take part in a business,(21 days)
4000 to purchase food, including restaurants
2000 property bills, phone, heating, utilities, and home ecutrements
2000 as an electrical transportation buy (kept 10 yrs)
2000 leftover for various items, such as gifts and travel.

leaving 1000 
non-spent going back to the government fund 
to run the 4 sectors of gov.

The amount affecting business:
the price increases businesses had to tack-on in the past,
to pay for workers, and loan financing is not necessary anymore,
and certain prices lower to reflect this.

Nothing else is being edited only the numeration amount of the wage.
I know this also changes many numerations in the past blogs,
and the google datasheet needs to be updated.