Thursday, July 19, 2012

Queen of France

printable version: 20000 government giftcard

here's the government gift card:

Kingdom government gift card

written on the card:
Government yearly giftcard:
Each square is worth 50 in currency value at a local store.

Giftcard owners: allow stores to fill in the boxes up to the purchase total.
If employed up to 10000 may go toward the business, 
to purchase products for resale, or help pay rents.
At the end of the year, turn the card in at a major superstore to receive a new one.
Days to receive replacements most likely will be the first to the third of the new year.

Stores and sellers:
write a small dot, x, or / , in the giftcard boxes to represent payment spent by the customer. when buying products use your employess cards, up to 10000 each, *normally most employees will be hired into a company for 1000-5000.

(at year-end the government gets paid, by the leftovers.) 

if digital online is available:
persons from #1,2,3,4,5. below 

or if aura id is available....or other interesting such as 'task recognition',  
(bodyparts, such as fingers, fingerprints, eyes, and hands are not possible id sources).

an automated vending machine can supply the cards at the big shopping stores.
once id approved, as a no match with others, the card and an id card, 
is given and drops into a bowl or dish.  
(the sit-in photo booths need better cameras, as many are corrupted).

if digital online is not available: 
sign for delivery to peoples house or apt. will not stop over-theft,
and would be too paperworked and overpoliced.

so, to avoid gestapo give-outs, the largest store or bank,
keeps a printed id record book, 
of all regionally issued photo ids on print outs, 
the verify book, is copied and shared with other neighboring regions.

id photo is :
1. the person w/ a pet or indoor house plant(if there is no pet.) 

2. catalogued for the give-out personal by:
person's sex type, aprox. height, aprox. shoe size, 
then animal type (or plant type) as a reference, if lost.
Not using face colour, as people can tan easily.

3. if lost, or water ruined, the new card is written in as an average spent.
so, if lost up to mid yr., you receive the possible up to 10000 available. 
after verifying if a property payment was made in your name,
and also,  end up on a repeat list, 
if it happens twice, your card amount is reduced by 1/2 again.

to avoid #4. from taking place:
each person has to also have a photo w/animal or houseplant,
to be used as an id card, and the id card is shown with 
the giftcard during any buying purchases.
4. if the bank or store personal, is not trustworthy, 
and steals from the regional card supply,
that region has to deal with whom they chose, and remove them from the job. 

5.the cards are kept in a safe.