Saturday, July 14, 2012

Queen of France

Quick bank failure save for 400,000 people

The 400,000 number seems a safe value as more will bring crime into the system.
the punch cards(yrly. prepaid 44000)/(issued by the failed bank)/
extending trade within the region only,
supporting the cards as the only money, as atms have failed.
~not using a cool ebay barter organization, as that depends on the internet~,
workers in all regional businesses pay-to-work from the cards,
(up to 10000 each person to purchase bulk items for resale)/
all local and utility loans paid (cards punched out) at main shopping stores/
the people work there only, in the region,, make and grow food, create supplies,
and offer services as normal cities do.
new car dealers become, used car dealers.

gas supplies are limited, once per week to shop anywhere is instated,
and electric car switches begin.
the electric batteries must be made in the region. hopefully the saltwater versions.

a few tanker trucks from a gov. can support the regional gas supply for a while,
but as that tedium of armied police wears thin.,
horses and carriages are preferred.

overpolicing doesn't need to happen as everyone has a money card.

a regional area doesn't have to demand or even ask for gov. help,
they can enable the system any day they want.
not using the monetary system given by a large gov., is not illegal.
and as the cards are not official money in that governments eyes,
they do not ever need to be notified, as no help is required.
perhaps a slow-down of trade in digital currency
will show in that regions yearly report.

the larger gov. is only there to help the citizens,
and if no help is needed, why would they need the requirement of a
war epic armied police version. 


rare food imports for zoo animals are now regional, so diet switches occur, grrrr.
no bananas? the monkeys need fruit, if its canned,
preferably no sugar or sweeteners,
and also raw vegetables, leaves and raised insects.
pizza is possible for a while, but not a healthy diet.
if it is a cold region, those animals need to be moved south where fruits grow.
as starting greenhouse fruiteries is too late.

other items:
book stores resupply from local book binders and printers and their sources.
hopefully there is a sensible book in one of the book stores that has some of this
knowledge, instead of the survive for 3 weeks and rack your house with guns.

cloth diaper pick up and re-delivery occurs.
toilet paper is switched to cloth in-house.
and a threadery and needlery is needed,
a firm that makes threads and a group that make tiny needles for cloth,
cloth material items such as blankets,
and towels are re-stitched to last longer.

cold regions, revert to the old way of hunting, and fishing as a mainstay.
hopefully you northern types have a few animals left to eat.
others move south, with no money,
causing a requiem of asylum seekers that speak your language also.

The work-always people go to work right away.
and the bored people start to work eventually.

bank loans elsewhere are not able to be paid,
so that collection would be up to federal or larger governments
to pick up that "housing bill" if they want.

why the failure? many reasons, too many to even list.

trade with other 400000 grouped regions could occur,
however it does bring in a mistrust to the new people and the cards validity,
as database access verification is not available, for neat things such as aura hand reader id and hologram verify for the regional card.