Sunday, July 1, 2012

Queen of France

Stopping the farming of nature

The title includes stopping the mechanical, clockwork timed, 
groupage of foods hived by the humans around the world in natural areas.
And allowing nature to grow without human (or mechanical) interference,
or collections therein,allowing for substantive overgrowth, non-maintained trails, etc.
While reducing agricultural area size to refeed into fertile soils. 

The direction of the past 100 years, to input favorites and selective choices into a bio dome and manufacture those products as our new nature,
our new way of living sustainable,
that will work for the populace,
is an incomputable error of epic scientific porportion.

There is no way, man in its current sequence of recognisance and skills can plaisantly say he or she knows what is right for the future existence of the people and animals and environment here on the planet.

We have been betrayed by science giving the latency in reaction that they will work it out, for all of us.
That forests will rejuvenate and seas will recover in a dedicated and scheduled timeframe,  that does not interrupt the daily migrainal headaches of current political faschist dictates either.

The no interrupt me future.
The list of those people and persons is too long and changing thier tune means science and scientists
need to not be freaks who speak out in fits of rage of discovery, but
the truth that we are in a dictum to inhabit nature only within a biodome factory farmed structure for all new future generations.

Yes, we loved rodenberry mr gene.  however that simplin' tale injected into the nirvana belief takers, again and again, was a disruptor to the planetary truths.
Bringing lies that we are all able to flit around in biodome ready spaceships and when the planet is no longer available for future survival.

Generations of dreamers,
siding with science as the only way out of population increase
rather than taking mandatory steps into non-population studies
and sharing that message with classmates and peergroups.

Stand down is what they do in warfare,
and that also includes mens over-appropriation of penis usage,
used as a human rights directive substantialism acting as one kinghood to another.

Thinking of planetary recovery, while thousands more seem to think of destruction.
Too much has been said involving ecology, televised and media-d
for the majority rule people to play ignorance as a defense.
Or to claim its all about paying the bills.
Install the iq tests where they can attempt to ramp in at 100., to prove they are good people following the rules and mandates of society,
chosen by their government political right and left of speak fashion,
the 100 number proving they cannot attempt any brain ideas further,
they are living in total trust of their leaders.
No riots will occur by them, against that government,
only riots against others who want to take way their mother government.

To remove the many pubs in england was a rile coo by the government to accelerate the drinking group into aggressivity, that can now be turned in any direction the gov. chooses, as long as they provide the football and sports channels..

Away from that easy group, in thought,
each man in each household is seeing the game team as his ownership.
He has invested interest in time and lived through the conjollences of defeats.
Emotional defeats that own him into "payback" with each new launch of the season.

Add money into his house,
and we see many totalitarian annihilists king-ing populations as their new rule,
especially required after the de-manning experience from the queen,
ruling there for so long.

Monied others from the property market are riding high on the possibilties unfolding into death sequence populations "games" and naming them as their own.

Private armies are founded and governments buy them,
this new news is fashionable and ecology is left to the scientists.

Then little eco speaks...
Recycling is not enough, reuse is only the beginning...

channel flip,
as the resource war is too high for their brains to accomodate.

the channel continues on unseen, 
"The answers are many, all can be in a positive manner, but people are afraid of the word positive as it is disease associated first....into over advertised brains."

A sweet fast eco-return-to list...
no gazoil / natural gas products or production
electric cars, rickshaws, bikes and mofas
reuse everything
stop traveling causing demands on electric consumptive new methods electricity living 
adopting childen only, if that is a requirement.
population-sustaining city gardens with fruiteries
w/free roaming chicken and dairy areas.
certain buildings also, such as the glass pyramid in paris
taken immediately as a food garden,  not a restaurant,
to help relax and work the people into a non-strandation
experience of living.

no-electricity-living uppers:
it reduces hz and high beta damage to the body's healing cycles.
as the body also includes the planet as your extension of self,
the planets hz is far lower than electricity 50 - 60 hz.

denying that group matter, live or dead, does not apply to ones individual hz eloquence,
is to act as a lesser god illegitmatizing the rest of the worlds powers.

Another human seen upon, disconnected to his karmic soul.oh yeah, science used to acknowledge this hz discovery.

Therefore the disconnected individuals to the planetary keepage
are pleasuring themselves as the ones 'almighty'.
These ones find it much easier be disparaging and torturous to any type of matter human or otherwise.

miss eco is dying inside.
they don't care, as you female,
are only the experiment of militant males and their construction of warfare methods.
and gloria steinam was a bonus plot, cooly accepted as theirs,
 to work the hell out of the planetary people until they die.

Stacking their cards as the persons who run the world,
plotting the people into conclasmic doomasity.

inserting beliefs, manipulating others into being suicidal insectual bombers,
and holders of planetary destruction also.

While science is officially applauded,
at peeking-in at the insects that spray chemicals on opponents,
just as chem-warfare humans mimic.
insectual warfare copycats.

Christianity is not liking this story., as god cannot be a bug,
that is too many gods acapulco style, to make fun at.

Advertised religion prefers man's disassociation with natures animals
as god cannot be sold easily, as a crude force of warring animal techniques.

Keep the women happy, ignorant and naive.
on either side of your sexually interested coin.
then religious epitets will remain a stronghold
to the maintained bounty of man's game.
war of men and only men. 

are you pregnant already, reading this?
no wonder you went gay.

and the declared roaming child is an orc.