Thursday, December 15, 2011

Queen of France

Government Giftcards~

The quickest versions of new money are:
(given out at the beginning of the year)

Paper version Cards~
1) Image or drawing of each person or a unique companion (domestic pet) animal, reduced into a line drawing,which is filled in during the year.

2) Or a regional artisan card, that is tiny-hole punched, like a coffee shop punch card.  

Plastic Cards~
3) Or with the digital all working, a plastic card that starts at the full amount of 20000 and is subtracted from throughout the year and returns to 20000 on the first of the year. Copying the in-store giftcard idea and using that programming to re-credit the card.

4) Credit and banking debit cards (new or expired) can also be used,
worth 20000 each, data of persons' name/date/#/3digit written,
recorded in gov. books or saved digitally and hole punched throughout the year.

Then there's the cooler electronic handheld game versions, 
such as... adding sand to an lcd-style fish tank... 
for a 50 purchase or a fancy goldfish as a 250 purchase, 
with a completed tank of 20000, or other various types of scene fills, 
that are automatically added-into at the checkouts from stores.