Monday, December 19, 2011

Queen of France

Daily spending chart

This chart details average daily amounts available, at various times of the year:

It is an older chart, starting with 44000,
however,  the daily 20000 "@" 365 , totals are there to view.

The digital bank, automatically leaves 30 in your account, per day,
from the 10000 a year... held out for provisions.

In the above chart, if you're account balance (card) is at "0", that means you still have 1000 for that month, divied out at 33.333 euros/dollars/yen allowable per day. So if it]s day 15 of the month december, your balance can only ever be as low as aprox. 500, with 33.333 available for spending on that day.

With non-digital, 'drawn-on-card versions', the on-hold amount (for provisions)
is kept blank until its month occurs, the month section is worth 1000, and drawn-on during its specific month. (below,oct has 500-600 remaining.)
| jan | feb | mar | apr | may | jun | jul | aug | sep | oct | nov | dec |

Digital balance calculator chart:  

   *writable, download, open and save as another .xls name.

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