Friday, January 6, 2012

Queen of France

The write a bank challenge

There is a new 1 page spreadsheet I wrote that may help you understand
the premise of a kingdom run via, property earnings,
that supports itself & the people with a pre-paid wage:

Kingdoms' Budget & Profit Calculator is the basic original idea,
of handling the different individual accounts:

a brief synopsis of the 5 spreadsheet bank:
~a 20000 pre-paid wage per yr. for every person in the world.
0% on savings, and 200000 property loan (and other loans)
limit over 20 yrs. from the free 20000.

1 contents page, 1 gov. page and 3 account page (templates).
and working the sheets into a database with a-z servers and mirrors.
The link below is a start, and the sheet 100 and gov sheet pages are updated.

Upon account initiation the sheet named 100 (1-115,etc) template,
is allocated to be one of the account types: person, business or property.
1 person wage account w/access as an independent business.
1 large multi-owned business, up to 9 depts., biz-owner list, costs, sales, etc.
1 property with current and history of owners,
and current owners rights to sell, request to rent it,
along with historical income sent to each owners savings.

For some reason in the sheets below,
I have over-waged the top column of wage historical,
and I cannot remember why, this year after year number was a necessary,
so for now its there, but looking at it today,
I am back to why didnt I just keep the round the year 20000 only.
The addition of the solo business shared with the wage is a confusant.
there is an xls save, its also image viewable.
html 279

usernameA | usernameA
a2 | b2
businessnameA | businessnameA
a2 | b2
the businessname account is only for businesses with more than 1 person.
so those fields are needed~ supporting debits to deposits, 
historical and current. To implement lookups to query server databases.
(property is listed as a businessname.)

Currently formulating in gnumeric, xls only (linux)...debian:)-
as it runs faster than open office or libre office. "save and rename often."
filter warning: as list boxes overadd into blank cells.
I am not sure how to use macros, only defining some formulas and equations.

Gov page includes:

A) Total value of all property worldwide (20 yr. valuations),
property information:
keycodes for property, there are a few more codes on the xls.
including the cooperation of an immo collaborative website,
that also holds details of basic location codes, latitude longitude (gps), continent,
and other various items: such as house with land as h3 (3 acres) or
h0 (if under an acre), possibly also the boundry-gps,
large buildings would be b112 for the 112th condo.
I wrote this info on a blog, but am too ....tired to find it now.
but remember to avoid using street addresses for property-id purposes.

Sold Income:
1)all property is sold directly to the gov. (then repaired for resell),
the gov automatically pays the property seller. 75%* total value,
added into their savings.
*(the gov takes, 10% max. for repairs, 15% to run the gov. hence 75%).

Rental Income:
If the owner wants to keep the property, and rent (or let)
the property owner receives the following rental income,
propertyvalue / 40 = rental income per yr.

The renter pays 1/2 the cost of the house over 20 years,
and charging anymore would be buying it.

back to the gov page info:
B) The current property repair balance, for all world properties. ~gre~
-from the 25% income per property sale, (10% repairs, 15% gov. sectors.)-
The 15% is equally divided between the 4 sectors of government.
(w/ financial decisions divied out by the forum experts on yahoo and other
high-voted web persons(other forums, vloggeries), invited to join them in the decision process.)
ie., the water depts, may have to stop wireless metering of houses/apts,
and yet they all receive a budget for water research and microscopes, for example. ~an even divied amount across the world, so all populations receive the same research microscope amount.

*Other property balance sections are:
The property value totals of property too dangerous to resell, ~gxs~
and their repair balance. (the 10% repair balance from
normal property sales covers these property incumberances.)

C) Includes the yearly pre-paid wage amount of 20000 to the people.
I have this amount high for now, but it may lower in the future
as people re-adjust their spending habits. (less loans, and all "@" 0 %).

D) A 20-year financial time frame. , w/starting year.
day of the year info, and current time for the other template
(7 billion+ spreadsheets) to query.

E) List menus and descriptors for the other template(business and wage persons).
incl. number lists and other descriptor lists (like a key page).

F) W/per diem amounts (that holds aprox. 12000 per wage account,
at the start of every yr, and releases it daily,
so they don't ever overspend and call on the gov. for money.)

business section includes:            ~on the top balance row~
businessnameA | businessnameA 
usernameA | usernameA
a2 | b2

The row contains most of the final business sum tallies from the page,
from starting balance, cost of goods, sales totals, available balance unspent,
avr. daily to spend on business, among other things.

dept sections includes:         ~on the dept rows~     dept sz. | dept name
usernameK | businessnameA    ~ members deposits and %'s ~
a9 | b9
with up to 9 depts and member crossovers, as they may work in several.

Business profits can be split between 1 - 9 depts.,
ie., 3 depts, 50% 25% 25%, and then %'s within each dept...

Dept choices:
an equalizer:
ie. 2 people have 25% each, and 1 guy has the other 50% dept. share,
he is limited to increases, and the others increase their profit share,
eventually all equalize to 33%.


variable profit ownership with a % limit:
so 1 or 2 persons do not overtake the depts. profits.
ie. 1 dept. w/100% company ownership,
retaining variances between 3 persons, while collecting a yearly
recurring of 30000, they deposit variable % amounts during the year,
with a maximum limit of one person having 50%,
while the others could be at 37.5% and 12.5%.

Multiple depts:

4 depts w/25% company ownership, then dept members ownership %'s
if attempting total equal ownership of profits regardless of financial input:
(singers, acters, royalties, etc.), create separate departments,
25% assigned to each dept., singer-extras-managers-band
w/100% of each depts. profits either equalized or variable between
ie. 16 band members.

loan amount section:                      ~dept section rows~
with automatic recurring yearly takes of up to 10000 each.
no delineations thereof nor amounts over 10000.
(3 loan maximum per wage account.) 
no interest rate to include. 
recurring subtraction first of the year, or for that year if purchased much later.

The wage section:          ~on the top balance row~
average daily spend amount | current wage balance | and spent balance.
(from the gov! page, as wages are only the 20000 from the government.)

Savings section:    ~on the top balance row~

current savings balance | and spent balance.

Savings also are not decreed until enough proof of ownership is verified,
due to our beautiful printing machines, we have to be careful
allocating savings numerations and
ownership of property membership(business holding)
verified by paper printouts, current digital banking feeds,
names and photos. That's another reason why, the 20000 in monetary amount is 
is the fairest solution for everyone.

Personal information section:    ~on the top balance row~

A) Here are the details of name, email,
options to include your vlog and blog usernames.
Links to the image/video database of the person w/their pet,
(which is used every 5000 spent as id verification, from the 20000).

B) Partner status:
this section has changed and now the 1/2 savings to members of age group applies, but I am leaving in the chart for the past build up as to the why, and quickly you'll understand the confusion in the money matching game, it fails so terribly, finding truth in persons and relations, that we have to give 1/2 away to anyone in your particular agegroup.

All savings amounts are locked until proof of partner(s) is
and afore to are known, meaning... past ex-relationships are included.
These are real marriages, not one night or 10 night stands a year,
I know the celebrity works over there thing, has ruined our lives,
as real marriages, doing real time... have become negated,
allowing prostitution gangs to steal from the true married woman. 

On the presumption liars exist we need to avoid excessive
litigation over who's is what and how much.
As there is a new life-history digital trail, lying about a person(s) status married(partnered) to you, will only beggar you back into the controversies of your non-truth told initially.
Nor does it(lying) remove your hate or contempt felt of the individual,
for past deeds done or undone, merely a shallow swipe from your defined hatred,
where the endurance of the experience lingers to remind.
Rallying life as, I got him or her, is an acrid vile,
thats endears itself to you under the guise of thier deservance.

The business supply and cost section:          ~on its row areas~
Items purchased from other businesses for supplies or resale.
usernameY | businessnameA        49.
businessnameB | businessnameA     109.
businessnameC | businessnameA    201.             
(cell info copies into a row on their pages, under the sales section.)

Customer sales:                     ~on its row areas~
a profit list of sales, from whom and how much.
usernameC | businessnameA                   899.
businessnameY | businessnameA            899.
(cell info copies into a row on their pages, under the cost section.)

A list of members that exited the group:          ~on its row areas~
usernameD | businessnameA   summation of  profit totals |exited | date
usernameG | businessnameA   summation of  profit totals |exited | date 
(profit total went into the savings section on the members wage page).
Extra items:
*only one username per person
and I suppose it can be the same as thier vlog/blog accounts.

Digital destruction:
**If past savings, checking and mortgage ~ banking data
has become corrupted, deleted, or forever destroyed,
not to worry as... savings amounts can be made-up for everyone.

Celebrities are easiest at guessing savings totals,
as their spending lifestyle is often advertised.
Its the others!! beware grunge hotties,...
maybe we need a "guess how much was in my savings..." website,
'an image of you' in your habitated attire.

Business ownership with recurring yearly inputs:
**Going forward from claims of the past is a financial impossibility and unnecessary. All businesses recreated are now funded directly
from the company members, via recurring yearly amounts, max. 10000 each.,
and wages are no longer the onus on the company.
Additional yearly deposits from members savings can occur if needed,
such as for 2 to 3 persons selling expensive violins. 

The forgotten usernames:
A cool webpage for gov workers(at the major shopping centers)
with search lookups will be needed, if a username person forgets his/her username, it can be found out again from their knowledge of various past spending habits, locations, items sold, along with their photo/video info.