Monday, December 12, 2011

Queen of France

upload ...

Guess I'll write a blog tonight, slightly unhappy after 5 days of a driver install/wicd/networkmanager/grub~grubpc/gnome classic/gnome3install-removals/conf updates,
pretty much too much, (ubuntu 11.04).  when I only started out trying to ethernet
on my little 4 yr-told laptop, losing wireless,
matching the driver to the correct broadcom on the network controller,
looks a success, in commands, such as lshw, the new version shows,
yet now wireless uploading is slow to non-triumpant w/youtube.

After all this, I can't really be angry at ubuntu or others, as its all freely-distributable,
and new driver kernel need was not a normal install, hardware related,

Broadcom 5700 to 5906 (118k or something) seems more like a market correction,
which fatalizes this process into another greedy update.

I was also hoping linux would be less constructive in gaining necessary parts
to receive network access. Probably a combo machine/'os' specific to the packages would suffice the less learned public, complete with maintainers, but then how could that be free?....unless the new world government is activated, it won't ever be an option, as this process is too hard on the obeyant populous. 

Thanks to the forum users, that contribute though as I think something was gained by this experience. Like the additional inclusion of high-ranking forum experts w/yahoo, merged into making more government decisions (in their field of knowledge) if they want to be work-paid oriented there.