Friday, July 1, 2011

Queen of France

About Our Health

The downgrade in stress changes to our health individually, as major purchases are in essense duly paid by the Vaux Kingdom's pre-paid wage.
In the newness of this economy,(the one that attempts to remove as much financial plague as possible), we can naturally assume our health will benefit.

However, we do have the old brain manuveurings of the past. "How can I get more."

I would love to divy out 400000 over 20 years and say go spend it, but one person will spend it all in 1 day, and come begging the government for more. So we have to bring into effect limited parameters, (20000 per yr), and the main one being a stop on indulgent purchases beyond planetary supply.
If a cruise ship is available and new, then let 20 people be the purchasers without a loan rather than as in the past with only one guy, held under his (free money) home equity mortgages.
Then the wife, she maxes the cards, the ship isn't painted underneath and it releases toxins and over acidity into the oceans, all because he was over-footed the money. The wife, in typical man-woman overstew don't communicate, yet she was given the all too pleasurable credit cards again and again. Yell, yell, are you 2 all right??
No we cannot sell the ship!, we can barely feed the yorkie and the dog somehow in all of this, is claiming to be deaf~ just to get free government money.

Paints peeling, the hull is so massive it cannot even be dry-docked
unless he voyages to another shipyard, but his crew left him, and he needs a captain, so walking away is the only option. The man faces total fail, of finances and friendships, so what? For some it is a lose face moment that even the spiders reel the knowledge of. A possible relief from the anxiety of debt, but also a fall from his normal standing and place can bring additional stresses into depression cycles, that can be inevitably dark and suicidal.

In the former economy,
the bank did not care for his health,
nor did the insurance companies or the ship dealer,
only cares for the purchase, as they too, live in frequented debt-anxiety themselves. All 5 including his wife, all in an anxietal business deal,
each warring against the financials, which are not even human.

So back to his health, had he been a successful purchaser the ship would be maintained, he and his wife no longer under the pains of debt, and its associated health (and possible policing) issues.
So yes, allocating 100 a year from our stipend, does cover our medical/policing costs, where before we were unhealthfully driven into the one tunnel of life, "make money to cover our over-ostentatious living habits", with no way out.