Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Queen of France

Bank flow and Beads

Bank consolidation for the people,
with a true accounting file for each person,business,property, 
as we attempt to hold onto the data-id storage age.

This is only a basic concept of the bank action, money flow in and out of the accounts from 2 persons.
Notice the buildstore worker item, he actually is in a share group with other workers but i didn't list his percent take here, (I gave the entire groups profits to him,  but normally he receives his % of the profits fairly split between them.) A withdrawl amount from the businesses cost of goods can also be agreed upon by the company members from the over-deposited for cost account.
I kinda wrecked that section up in the image, but i lost my spreadsheet from a power-out and can't fix it now, so here it is not great anyway.
The background of the programmed database is not this fun its, the "","" comma delimited file formats gathered in one sheet(one file) row gains and tallies for each purchase or withdrawl for each persons account, including all property and business itemisation associations and variations therein.

This is a quick view of how the one bank system accounts for every purchase of digital money exchanging hands, for which purchases and from whom.

Also, the property from the guy fellow is a separate action to the main property database (not between the 2 persons),
The meagar amount of 3000 for his property is paid directly to the government/bank from his account on a yearly basis only.
For sale by owner will no longer exist for individual persons or businesses,
as cool as they have been~ the only one partaking in that mode of banking is the main property department.

All property will be listed for sale and purchasable through them directly either from your wage account(if you want to pay it slowly) or in-full from your savings(in-stasis no-interest bearing) account.

Bring in your titles
The real extra fun is that your savings accounts and properties you once thought to be owned need to be verified as to be yours for the new database.

As many of you claim to be owners, way before the completion of the sale. You may have a pretty penny invested but not in full property value, so yes we need to backtrack through your loans and have that investigation process be completed before you are in truth an owner to any past bank accounts or properties.

Everyone does receive the 44000 in wages and an account card, and with veritable id methods, such as footprint matching on digital record (the footless dude, he is obviously listing in a special group.), so you will have money for food and housing without the scandal of poverty draping your table.

Money and Variations

The stores giving us beads for shopping there
Beads? yes, glass, metal, wood, sand granules, colored water areas, for fill-ups.
Put into a small clear container (could be rectangular like the old cards).
Similar to a pez, only a reversal,
and in an atm-style for digital access to your account.
The empty fill-cards can be given out once a year, clear or color printed (even different male to female), to be loaded with items such as a beads, that are variations of a digital moneied amount.
so if broken open to take the beads out, the scanning chip is unusable.
Small venders can use this money method without needing a machine, they

simply add a bead to your container.

And updates to your account total can happen at an atm.

If in subsequent years we decide not to use scanning chips on the cards, a hidden compartment can hold your individual frequency of sand colors, (everyones is different to the .000000 th degree,
recorded as yours and freq-matched at the yr. end.)
so if the compartment was broken into, a new sand mixture mixes in, ruining the freq, and the thief, would get the sand color frequency wrong. 

Back to normal bead talk:
Either bead colors, type or the heaviness of the beads can represent the values spent. The beads can be freely given to the stores from the gov., for in-store card fills when an item or series of items are purchased.
The beads are not really wanted by the store staff either,
as to put the beads in their cards, only ups thier spent totals. 
Likewise the beads are not actually wanted by the customer,
(unless beautiful), because an overfilled card represents the person has spent too quickly. The cards can be reweighed at the end of the year for a value to the government and the lighter the leftover quantity then the value is allocated to maintaining the world.

I secretly want a mini garden terrarium to carry around 
and be given live-miniature trees and ferns that self plant in the watered vessel, each time something is purchased. 
Then at the end of the year, if the little garden was too overgrown it would obviously account to an overspender and a garden non-exceptionelle.

The squeakie frogs
Another way, is to receive a larger item each time you go shopping, the faire reversal, . Start your first purchases of say 100 and a cube or little gift such as a tiny squeakie frog that only squeaks around 35000 spent.
Then each time you return and spend another 100, a larger squeakie frog is given. (all machine washable).

By the end of the year, you may need to avoid the store as your frog is too large, if you have had too many luxury spends elsewhere.

So this money payment way is... frog updates only and with variations,
in size, squeaks, fur, patterns and songs,

and also if there was no frog to upgrade there would be no purchases.

From the do-gooders~ you may have to adopt a dog or cat at a certain stage of the year as you were obsessive in your spending habits.

An expandable item with water is possible with a hardening feature after the sale to a select size, such as a growing frisbee, but the gift upgrade-in-size items such as the squeakie frogs may be easier to implement around the world, as no special machine would be needed.

"You have purchased" could also be an electronic game upgrade, for the tetris types. If you upgrade too quickly you could lose your power ranking and like warcraft and wizards, and start at the bottom level of the stats again.