Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Queen of France

Human Codes

All right puppets marching into orwellian backfires, we will desert that action and find ourselves one to one with our individualities intact.

Facing our codec of human numeration and characterizations.

We can enface a one time start code per person, that develops throughout our lives and changes as a river that runs its course in as much freedom that is allowed in todays construct of spe-cial beings. Delivering our true history of moments, purchased, banked, propertied, married, physicalled in travel, and contained within our choices selected therein.

It sounds contained though, and yet,
oddly the only way to trust one another,
and perhaps that is a farce that we cannot enter into., alternatively the  fear fear fear, the possible of planetary interplay amongst the chaos of intergalactic specie, is a threat we cannot remove, else be found easy ~~~  numerated and plated.

We could very well be found out to be the honest group at the ready for a complete follower syndrome. Our "pie here" on our planet is delicious and please try some, as we have lost many fears,  as our system has been so successful that we live in trust of each-other now, and you strange beast are welcome to accept our numerations also.

The trusting numeration groupies? what are we to do sayz the planetary visitor? They are easy, they have given their selections, their choice of statistacary to us for dinner, and we will sup on the following as we know their grouped desires:

We are selectively already played, directly and indirectly by corporations and peoples around the world, but a tightening play from our doing. does have a chance to envelop our new economy into a distasteful founding against us being more honest humans.

As generations pass into more, well the criminal mentality is not fed, so the mentality becomes a floppy synaptic in the brain that is flacid and dumb.

Our planet becomes a beautiful place again,
we live as a garden of lovers who do not enter-twine too often or else ruin it,
and the days deepen us into its beauty as time goes on.


That choice is available,
to entertain our mentality into a warring specie or a giving one. 

Both now, seem a calculable error, and we need to know each side, and yet we as a people have done so much in causations of trauma of persons, lands and animals that we must lean toward the giving one, and retaliate against that fashion and become contributors.

In numerated code... who are you?

A picture, with an under code is kind-of a fun idea, as it is very individual.

Your googling fanatics gaggling behind you, yet stored within a grouped preset of  determinable functions of exactly who you are in curiosity and purchase,
 based upon those moments. enhanced via videography, sms, telecommunications, consolidated into your particular profile...,
You the human "Yin33861%^*(%" have a mild hatred against so many zucchinis  (courgettes) available year round.

The code options:

Physical can be changed, hair, face, features, etc,

Will you run on hot rocks to deter those digital id prints now?

Or are you instantalis, with directionals into a matriixed game that offer up a higher anty that I here and now am nothing but a cognicent life-design process that enters only my stupidity into your foregone conclusions, 
aside from finding out your interjections into the life human as a torturer of our specie.

Matrixed aside 1- 2 - or -3 d special I really don't play games, and perhaps in foolishness live on this planet and not above nor underneath its grounds to find the warrier self. The warrier self amongst your matrixed type is slightly belittled as it is living in the unanswer of your reasons of why?
Did an asteroid hit yesterday, has a new calamity hit, are we now all eating more figs than ever? Controllable news-munchies do not stand a chance against the matrixed in the know, godfellows of indignations.

Back to the sun is too fricken bright and only a few vegetables are happy to grow now, perhaps we can stop playing eachother down into the next groupage of generational dust.

Porcelin aside,

yes, we need WorldCodes for each one of you, and I claim

"zayvra", "qizalia", and am already more than 3 beasts.

username where? perhaps nazoo or some completely incogruneious domain name for our gov, as youtube is a "NO".  google.com is a "NO",
as they propagate population growth habits.

.wo?  who has that list,
I guess icann can be re-edited but it should not be necessary, aside from removing all video and images and sound files from the .net,  .com.,  .org, co.uk, western world for about ten yrs.

Or remove it all and only keep wikipedia and change the name to widzekeovi.

Its called a total remake, not an enhanced solution.