Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Queen of France

Quick Business Charts

To the Business Person:
Here is basic business chart for buying and selling and profit totals after
the product is purchased.
The second image holds the spreadsheet formula to enter in "@"k110
to change the number of items to buy and resell.

Now business-simple as this is, if you cannot understand it, I don't think running a business is for you. So perhaps that is why with the new economy only certain people will have additional income from mark-ups as they are running the books, and all the costs behind the product sold amounts, as well as person to person consumer sales.

If you have a "floor stage" of salespeople, and want to offer incentives to salespersons, they need to be part owners of the business, paying a yearly fee from their 20000 to work there and their profits are gained on top of the inventory sold. 
So to attract them, you need to have steady books so they enter into the business knowing the loss risks. The other salespersons can work for you with the prepaid wage, but they are there as a gift to you (21 days), and not to be treated with overwork.

(21) workdays = (42) 4.5 hour workdays = (63) 3 hour workdays

The reduced work days and times, reduce pollution immediately.
However, please mr and mrs business persons, 
try not to construct your business from a 1 hour a day worker as you will only be a veritable inhabitant back into the dinosaur economy and ecological disasters from the past.

Because we will no longer have credit cards, only the one account spend card, there is no hidden debt cycle behind running a business.

The new business system does not gag our economy from ill-fated bank loans.
The bank loans from the past have kept failed businesses alive and in-debt year-after-year, allowing a non business person the ability to keep a business and purchase resources from the planet without any second thoughts.

As our credit card spending fascinations will no longer be available,
non-sustainable resource purchases will lessen.

To the Consumer Spending:
If you do have a habit of requiring haute couture~ fresh every season, well, you have 20000 for those purchases, and with the *reduced rents, you can still feed that indulgence in your life but you may need a smaller apartment with a larger closet.

*reduced rents because,
4x's property reductions to all properties,
Based upon 1/2 price property purchase values over 20 years.
A 200000 apartment, reduced to 50000, rental rate is 1250 per year.
The Rental Equation:
property value divided by 40 .  (per year)