Monday, June 27, 2011

Queen of France

Property Valuation and Fairness

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As each property runs with a numbered value, there is no reason to have higher rents for it in one area of the world over another. Therefore partial values and values over this amount obviously apply to the same rule-set in fairness.

If a property in Quebec is 200000 and one in Rio is also 200000, there is no reason to have a different rental income earning, aside from prejudice, malice and greed.

In the above example, the University is also no different, in that~ it has a declared property value and under the above stated rules, it complies fairly with other buildings of that declared value, rented elsewhere in the world.

~ As the 20000 pre-paid wage is available to all, the average of 5125.00 per year in University(College) can support the system without requiring ridiculous lists and processes for students to apply to for school loans, scholarships and grants.

How many students are in Harvard? 21,225.
I thought 10000, but either way, the administration can freely purchase the school, from the associated admin. fees. So, looking for people to run/own the schools will not be difficult as they have an additional value incentive.

The rental maximum limit,
5000. is per property rental / per year/ valued "@" 200000.
Not per person, it's regardless, of the number persons renting.
Now 8 people living in a property valued "@"200000, seem to be plenty,
considering the property is from the former 800000 value (4x's reduction).
So, 1 Renter or a group of renters will not pay more than the 5000 per 200000 in property value.

 However in a school dormitory situation up to 40 per 200000 in value, seems to be more than adequate to cover building maintenance and repair costs, as well as,
over time purchase the school many times over.

Money Pool Owners
Now back to the ownership wants, 20 people with the free yearly wage, now have 10000 each to purchase the same valued property, (I got the stat. wrong in the image!), So this is not a limit on your potential to enter into the continuum upgrade of property value, year after year. At first your group may look funny, as to be so many, but later you could have one of Ludwigs, if you can hold on through all the intra-personal communication problems.