Sunday, June 26, 2011

Queen of France

Property Owner Income

Update 2016: Landlord taxations are 10%, on the rental income.
Upon sale of the house, the original 200,000 (paid by the pre-paid wage) still has its sales tax of 25%.
Therefore, the actual end profit of savings is 195,000. Which is still 45,000 more than a non-landlord who receives 150,000 in sales profits.
Other things to consider are; house price increases.
*update:The chart declares the old 44,000. which changed to 20,000.
Written 2011:
I sadly regret the slow pyramid society build here that is happening by this
new economy, but it reduces war.
As people seem to maintain themselves when they know which objects to greed over.  It is a slow build, but it does satiate people who desire more, over less.
Profit as a year-rental : 2% per 100000, 6% per 400000 (after donation)
Renter/tenancy is handled independently from the owner, through the property department, so you never even have to see the house.