Saturday, June 25, 2011

Queen of France

"But the Property is Paid"

All Owned!
If you have a property and are in total ownership, with no loans, you may be irked, as to how did I not lose money?
Looking at the property reduction on a house of 400000 washed down into 100000. "Where is my missing 300000!"

Well, chances are you have used the properties value as a priority rights voucher to get myriads of other loans to purchase:
  • vehicles, boats; holidays, vacations and travel;
  • mortgages for other houses, apartments, rentals;
  • the gained ability to open or silent partner a business;
  • seasons tickets to select places such as Sotherbys;
  • and invites to the "the Queens garden parties";
  • signatory credit rights over another person(s) loan;
  • as well as the lower interest rates on credit cards;
  • reduced banking fees; invites to private off-shore banking;
  • along with plain old upmanship over "the others" holding loans. 
Now if in all honesty, paid in due diligence the mortgage into completion without
using your newly acquired Asset-Class Wealth Power, that would be unusual. 
"Mr. and Mrs. Unusual" how did you do it?
Was your down-payment a gift or from an inherited value?
Was the mortgage paid only from your wages? Yes.
If so, the loan was from 20 - 25 years ago.
A 100000 house that became 400000-800000. 
You now hold the property valued at what you paid ~100000-200000.
And, only the mortgages held in digital matter can be reconciled, into a loan credit value. As once the mortgage was paid there may be no way to find that data again.
Records may be kept for a time, yet computers crash,  and the stored data does disappear..

No Title?
In all truth, the data for every key-give from father to son, is not on record, and local property databases may not hold the information.

So, if you rent it out, give the keys to another without having proper titles, they may very well be the new tenant-owners now.

To the new key-holders, (aka. tenant-owners)
over time the property department may ask you to agree to the yearly rent installment from your wage account.(digitally sent and approved.)
The rental rate is the properties 20 yr., 4x's property value reduction, divided by 2.
A former 800000 property is now 200000 and the rent for the new key holder,
tenant-owners is ....5000 per year.
Rental income from your wages account is then sent to the property department and kept for the specific properties repairs and upkeep when you decide to move.