Friday, June 24, 2011

Queen of France

Property Banking Spreadsheet

In tiresome, duty, yes, all properties are under a 4x's reduction, so, no one loses
any money, as credit to loans paid are returned to the owners...

#1. In this scenario,
 the 3 owners have too much house, therefore the butlers, maids, gardners, and other live-ins at the property, are not being paid adequately for their respective moments in habitation.
So the new economy repairs this dilemna, of one person lording anothers' wake.

The add owner warning, brings it to the forefront, that this house needs 2 more
owners to pay the home valuation, and share the loan within the 20 yr time frame.

Bringing ownership into 5 persons. 

If at any time 3/5 of ownership decide to sell, then the house will be sold,
however, ousting the third owner is not a dedicated job any want to pay
for, so what next?

Owners 1 and 2 of 2/5 ownership will not sell,
so, under dominion rules,
the 3 new additional habitants can also be renters or tenants,
if new owners are not found.
At that moment, the house/estate/mansion, will become the rent/own combo.
(also, not falling into dis-repair.)

#2. In this beautiful next scenario,
there is a credit refund from the 4x's price reductions.....
(notice warning is gone.)

Here, 100000, in credits are precisely per-owner refunded into the in-stasis accounts. The owners can sell or hold, and the new realized property value can be actualized into profit by selling, on a per person basis in agreement with 2/3 ownership.

#3. The old-ugly formulas, making their stage appearance, well, if you can #ref,
congratulations!, I have tried and failed there on ref, but the regular formulas here work happily. Here I split the A thru I columns into 2 screens.

'=sum(B16:B18) value for  b21' is correct, I removed the =sum trimming the image.
The g and h are maximum values per person ,ever, 
I did not figure it out parsed amongst the 3 players present and unequal in value with loan limiters of 200000 each.  So I have jumped ship here and presumed they have run back to robbing each others houses again to make up the differences.

((Back to one line divy out over 20 years and variable %'s for business/property
(for any human or group of humans).))

As this would be the feed out page, per property,
the owner list (1 2 3), mr.programmer(sss),
would roll-in the additional lines, per person/ownerhood.

The main property portfolio page, (in conjunction w/this outlay),
holds the property data for each person in ownership.
I have yet to release this, as I am working on the connectivity of
the 4th property owned, to be relinquished as a planetary donation (to be a profit
for the property dept, to sell again, and also sustain that value as a monetary amount
in funds to purchase land for re-diversification and re-nergetic projects.

In closing, this page along with the property portfolio details, (buy/sell)
will be all that is required for everyone on the planet (w/translations)
to have, hold or hoard (for property ownership stats) on into the next futures of millenia.

! Married Women and Partners do not fear !,
If you are not listed on the property deed, or mortgage(s), and have no income input, yet have been living with a spouse or partner for 4 yrs or more, there is a valued amount from your half of experiences with that person.

The free spend savings, the in-stasis and wage accounts are 1/2 partner-shared assets.

The troublers here are the rich who have so much "in-stasis" from old accounts that they for some reason cannot share with the married wife or husband.

Likewise the proof on partnership comes into play. Which woman, which man?

Only one financial partner of this type can be, so a hold lock (on half) of ones in-stasis spendings will be placed until the truth in partnership is proven.

From there an agreed to spending limit, (percentage, or amount) to protect their assets.

If a guy moves to Botswana to be asset freed of entanglements,
well, the wife can digitally submit her grudge on him (only one 4 yr. partner at a time.), and his digital ID will find him out to be that same man.