Monday, June 20, 2011

Queen of France

Paying the Artisan

In the image, the 4-star craftsman receives 4,000 as his yearly wage bonus,
based on the revaluation price of the finished work.

When the artisan-ship is above and beyond normal, the revalued price needs to accommodate the work. In some cases the work could go beyond 21 days, perhaps 3 hours only at a time, but you get an expert for ...
Mosaic walls and flooring, custom welded filigree gating, trompe l'oeil, hand-crafted work, unusual shapes for windows and doorways, indoor edible gardens,....
indoor-outdoor frog and dragonfly ponds for your kitchen, etc.
Here's an order example of the artisan ratings,
These ratings can be fixed and ranked by photo valuations.
They are not paid by you, (the owner) until the house is re-valued.
The below chart refers to a normal 1-2-3-4 bedroom house.
100,000-250,000 limit per artisan per year. On up to a million*
dollar house(estate).
(formerly a 4 million dollar estate, reduced due to the 4'x property decrease re-balancer of the Kingdom, there are many links on the site regarding the 4x's reduction topic.).

Larger Buildings:
This is not covering the greater buildings in cost, such as the Kremlin,
as one guy working 21 days cannot expect 50 percent of the old valuation in payment.
On larger buildings, a limit on the space and area, for each artisan.
So, if the building is worth 100 million, he (the artisan) enhances and revalues a specific area, with a totally new restoration, Sistene chapel?,
"The Touristed city" could easily recoup any losses of the increase in that area by half. The Kremlin or The Vatican could then receive additional yearly millions by the remake.
Therefore, the initial 100,000-250,000 would not be an unfair payment.
Whereas regular maintainers of the building,
such as for gilding retouches, would only be classed as a 1 star instead of 5.

Artisan Rating Levels: 1-5:
In the above example, the Worker Crew (Work Order) was for:
  • *:         2  1-star workers
  • ***:      3  3-star workers
  • *****:   1  5-five star worker
The inital house was valued at 10,000 and after the work, became 27,400.

  • The workers were paid : 16,000
  • and the supplies were worth: 1,400

(The artisan(s) receive their pre-paid yearly wages of 20,000 also.)