Sunday, June 19, 2011

Queen of France

Business Model 1 : Cooperative

The perfect cooperative organization,
for a Building Supply Center (ie.):
with ytd profits pretty much non-changing for 20 yrs, as the property prices are defined and valued for that time frame.*

A standardized markup amount becomes far less risky to the workers inputing parts of their wage funds and is the best business model for a building center(s), as alternative housing products flood the market.

The center itself will be able to cope with the variants in the new price structures, as the incoming earnings will be closer to a standard spending amount per person on a property.   

Company Rating System:
Through a private forum such as the yahoo answers or a other private forum, leading the direction of the company with a voting and rating system, specifically to areas of the companies personnel (leaders, managers). Capable forums, that provide the handling of all the business decisional work, such as hiring and firing, supply selection, etc.

(*~20000 prepaid wages~21 day workdays of work/per worker/per yr.~ from the Kingdom.
I wrote this at a higher pre-paid wage intially (44,000), 
therefore, the 10,000 per year per employee input should be reduced to 3000-5000.)

  1. The design, 
  2. All Inventory Sold, by the end of each year with profits, 
  3. Mark-up amounts-to-profits for employee inputs.

Per yr

# worker input rent/utility inventory 55.55% investment walkaway
workers 10000 costs purchases mark-up sold profit money
1 10000 −1000 9000 5000 14000 4000 14000
1 10000 −1000 9000 5000 14000 4000 14000
1 10000 −1000 9000 5000 14000 4000 14000
all 30000 −3000 27000 15000 42000 12000 42000

 The pre-paid worker, is the basic installer guy, (without artisan ratings).
the 21 days of work, are a one-time only, he doesn't return the next year,
unless you place a large order again. ( see next blog).