Saturday, June 18, 2011

Queen of France

Diverting Chaos

I am not an expert at anything programming, but over time,
I will try to include as many easy functions, and formulas,
for a banking system, that can end result to a one line entry code, for
every human being on the planet.
such as....


if adult = true = y 

and template or a few template pages to serve the data.

Perhaps also condensing the code away from so many numbers,

 So, if you are person "2.923.827.000.182"
the 000 = K,



already saving 17 bytes on each of the separate 7 billion entries.
("st"=serious type)

 This system as short one line entry as it is, (inventory planet property-humans)
may still actually overrun the computers now in existence, unless we hoard,
additional hard-drive power underground, into peoples computers.