Thursday, June 16, 2011

Queen of France

The Property Codes

Worldcode allocation explanation for the property ownership database.
Property Type Continent codes 12 3 4 5 6 7 lat/long/gps
Apartment [ Africa 1
+40.689060 -74.044636
Condo { North America 2

House ^ South America 3

Land only _ Australia 4

Farm " Europe 5

Com. Building # Asia 6

Other ( Oceania 7

Cabin ~ Antartica 8

This properties code example:

(land is classed "@" 1 acre min.(3.75 ares?) apt/house/numbers tag along after. so this is an apt. code.

Here it is an answer that many may have already thought up, and is a significant
moment in history to look back upon.
(the reason I abstained from letters, is keyboard compatibility)
A database may bore some of you, but a property database that is ......
standardized via gps coordinates,
around the world is an answer to a plethera of our problems. 
We are entering into database consolidation, obviously,
but this database is the photo opportunity a satellite knows to tell. 

The fears of consolidation into one database, are unwarranted,
as the others on their diversities of their own,
have had the overpossibility of running rampant in error.
Errors that may even bring countries into a warring time.
Either trust the country you are in or the world you are in,
there is no difference, it is a government either way.

By inheriting this trust of numerated codes,
we actually defalsify the illusion of being cheated.
Living within the constancy of being cheated,
destroys our humanity, our purpose, our
ephemerial spirit of being that we each hold a substance within~that is great, and not a squamished passerby of existence.

I am wooed into the old way, a one person name, a place an island, 
however we cannot all live within that experience.