Thursday, June 16, 2011

Queen of France

The Voting Worker World

As, the new economy pays for a property, build, we will have assurity through our voting workers that only sustainable products are loan-worthy.
The concern of purchasing again and again to update the houses, does not need to exist, as most businesses are run directly out of loans anyway.
Our voting workers, will go through building stores inventories to determine, agree upon with others in the sustainable housing department (other voting workers) which products we will fund,

It is a massive suggestion box. You may make a suggestion at anytime online,
also voting workers outside of their chosen voting group.
The voting group themselves votes amongst themselves (thru their voter and suggestion page)
via their own suggestion inputs, and anyones voting suggestion can be carried higher to be a top votable issue and agreed upon item.

I would love to say 1 voting worker for every 4 persons, however we will not have that authority, they need to volunteer (and yes, they also get the 44000 wage), and yes many will come from the professions, to interject favorite textbooks, outdated ones, bulk ordering ideas, the best way to group the delivery companies,
A little spreadsheet of repeats and drama:

Government Money Total small number to fit into blog
Monies are from property 400,000,000,000 Number of World Vote Workers average
gifts/leftover wages/maximum 1,000,000 21 days 0
property resell budget, work
loan income(10000/per yr/person) yearly total: 17,000,000
Loan income is from the free wages (44000)
Infrastructure Ecology Education Arts/Entertainment
Voting Worker Limit 250000 250000 250000 250000
Budget Amount 100,000,000,000 100,000,000,000 100,000,000,000 100,000,000,000
examples for each roadworks agriculture small schools public arenas
department bridges zoos colleges venues
include airports public parks universites sports Category Wierdities
shipping ports waterways accreditation museums
postal service land assignment languages tv/radio alternative energy
satellites sustainable items churches public transportation
radio towers
as some may share budgets
Main offices held
are based upon highest ranking of suggestions, votes and answers by other hired workers in your category.
(similar to yahoo answers, yet private to the vote workers). Some vote workers will sift thru suggestions,
and raise non-vote worker queries and answers higher into the mix. The higher a person has been voting
ranked, they may be asked to interview with tv or radio(not required), as they are experts in their field of discussion.
Voting workers can video conference in groups on topics in public sessions.
In example, the education department, can vote and discuss and stipulate
active rulesets for on campus binge drinking, and as we do not have nor want
an aggressor policeforce, I already vote a 3 strikes your out of school, like BYU.
Infrastructure Ecology Education Arts/Entertainment
To run business/economy
this government, its sciences/maths
cooperative, 30 mins languages
a day, mostly online.
input, and the fill ins
to the right can be
voted upon.
Voting workers will be able to vote across category lines, if allowed on that vote.
For Instance, The ecology and resources department, needs an old electrical facility budgeted for removal.,
and they may need a relocation, so they need to ask the tower experts (infrastructure) for help in their answers.
We can have general voting, any category workers, but they may find more satisfaction working on one topic.
Such as where to plant the next 500 trees (and organizing of), or which region closer to your area needs a lake reserve.

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