Monday, May 2, 2011

Queen of France

Up the Downgrade to the Ubunies

Alright in truth, I have over stepped my root-anything capacity of the text-based command prompt and have had to install and re-install not once but 4 times in the last week or so the linyexia OS, Ubuntu.

In the newest release I have had the distinct honor of visiting a desktop mimicking a mcdonalds drive-thru screen, ~place your new window applications order~ without any way of changing the static ATM interface (unless...).

Surely a super-hero has already done it,
change the sidebar hold-all-applications-frame,
but it does relish into my mind that yes,
mr and ms puppet we are entering the finished product.
A product so finished that creativity will be within an
even smaller directed channel of  relegated energy.

In a critique short and enduring, it's not fun anymore.
I need to be able to move those silly desktop icons around.
It is a theft of my creative person and a negligence on the
"lets make it easier people" of the os.  

A small upgrade process has actually proven the true spirit of a downgrade toward our thinking power.  (also, way too much office templatry incurred.)
I guess its up to the now humans to invest energy into the stoppage of this type of future and re-direct the os toward graphics such as mr adobe-gimp, video, recording (w/ a no sound effect entrance) or help with something that captures video other than cheese.
No offense mr cheese but one video capture product that for sure works is not good enough, the others are fickle in setup, and the cheese writer must be losing his/mind as to "why do they only want cheese? I thought this os was for bunnies."

What a drag in a way to not even have that capacity,
perhaps homophobia reigns here.

Guess I'm a usr, but definately hoping a customizer-app for the desktop will return again.

I know countless things in this life we must accomplish, how mundane, how trivial in my particular energy to embark on os speak at all,
but I guess it tells yet again the story of ,,,
the story that we have always to fight our negligence in needing it easier.

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