Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queen of France

Rats on a Boat

So say that you have rats populating each-other on a boat 
and the deck-mates are vegetarians with a rajinish slant.

There is a "no death exit option" for these rats,
...not to be eaten or sent overboard.
Yet, the supplies are being eaten by the myriads of new Norwegian fancies.
Polka dotted now? How can this be?

But, if you make them a dingy to be cast away-in they can possibly die before finding land.

The answer here is....

Separate the females from the males 
and feed them sparingly until the shore is reached.

In cage building, very tight netting is required, to stop visitations with each-other.
Back to the quick and easy killing of the Rat-King each year,
as the "Nutcracker" season seemingly spawns again and again, more rats,
and takes the phenominal fighter to his death.

It's time to change the murder-accomplise killing of the Rat-King by the frightened Clara (Nanette) and the war-faring Nutcracker prince.  Before we even begin to complain about tv.