Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Queen of France

Up the Downgrade to the Ubunies 2

Alright, so be it,

I'm wrecked by this experience today and kinda don't understand why, this system is hard put to allow an at the ready video cApTuRe device.

Paranoid 20 yr olds running this system more than anyone else,
as stated on os stats,
so, it looks like they like to play around with being that age again
as the icons are desperately huge.

I did find an add a panel from the installation section, but I think that was after re-installing the gnome engines.(Then those allow add an icon to our gamora.)

A graphed-out version studio is available via thier source gatherings,
however the apps are not necessary for my overdrama-ed vlogger self.

The flash(adobe) is also kaput and my switch from wmv is a huge conversion edit mistake that has entered my recent days into "where are the video editor conversion tools". Running via a 30-day windows was hell that I personally cannot ever re-enter into, so I have to learn how to "Vlog" at the "Command Prompt", what a hell for my human.

"Don't complain its free-ware, open source," years and years of contribution to the sanctity of future os systems.

Either way grab the narwahl os for your future discussions and possible usages.
? though does it really save the whales or does it merely program them deeper into a restricted channel of office work..

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