Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Queen of France

a blog page read

"This page persists for anyone with a real normal life"

As I persist page worthy in link,
the mind seemingly holds onto the want for trusting someone to be "that".
The " that " being a gathered energy of 2 or more people
that can endure the random inquiry of loves' fickleness.

Enduring is a problem..............................within the containment of normal.
Imprisoned here, as days meander into my death human, what was it all about.
The goal everyone seemingly has,, is to become enlightened without crying
(or wrinkle into those devastion moments of where is my asian face?)
and avoid being sent into the disrupted heart of negligent want.


Obviously I need to condense want,
and forget the church infatica of guilts running my direction.
Re-find what is my own appropriate behavior, re-find as it's there,
yet hidden after many yrs of news drivel ...
right > left
right < left
husband > or < or = spouse
again and again.

Open on that YT pull down menu means?
1. Open to an open marriage.
2. Open to enhancing life around my embodiment.
3. Open to hope, without more diamonds.
4. Open to people filling in thier own question and answer, dehancing scribed-out magazine overloads.
5. Open to a staide answer choice, or a changeable answer choice, etc etc

It is lonely online here, and a dangerous place that can fool the heart into love.

As the love-fail game wants to rule that part of your bitters,
be wary people as IT can be a lost feeling,
and we cannot quickly choose, chem-love as the answer and reason.

Guess I'm in a rush, dragonflyin around this interspace to go back to where I once found a few moments of humans speaking without the presence of the insanity victimizations of being computer controlled.