Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Queen of France

Where did I go?

I guess I will entertain that someone is interested in knowing
of my disappearance from vloggery.

I forgot and lost all of my passwords
and went quantum giblieaudies for a while,
3 yrs of hiding in 'ghost of a human' text comments
and finally a year of no computer access whatsoever,
aside from the wifi-freq surrounds of whales pinging me on a
daily to clean up the planet with only the purity of my own thoughts.

Lived as the estranged human woman that has to hike islands eating bella donna and draggin my tech hell existence around with me,
"Does the serial mouse scare the others?".

Decided that living without anything, from clothes to human contact, was possible, however the wild is no longer safe,
because of bastards toting guns, and fences that plague the unhoused nomad.
Also finding rock caves was difficult,
and because tools must be fashioned alone
my choice is bamboo if anyone is interested in that path.

And also dealing with the bitter acidic eye-stings from the tear-gas
that seems to re-imburse my system from 18 or 19 years ago,
and the seriously bad luck of hyper-touching the electrified corn fencing.

Onward back to what I remember a little of,
and I guess the safe place is in dancing, writing and vlogging.

Querying the backwards and forwards consequence of this life's experience,
 did I remake those actions happen again by this writing?

Please don't tell me infintessimal changes of now are for the next karmic introduction, as I really can't go through the list of these life tortures again,
I need a higher upgrade.

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