Monday, May 30, 2011

Queen of France

The Stage Artist and the Rich

Pertaining to the wedge between the non-audience and the patron sponsors..,
and the stressful role that performing artists acknowledgely
live through with more than a bit of vehemence from the non-theater goers.

Message to the non theater goers,
Oddly, there it is free for anyone to watch,
ballet after ballet, opera after opera, right here online.
So why group us as playing or pandering to the rich?

Or does your adamancy,
"I will not ever support the performing arts"
merely call out in jealousy,
as you eyeball their troughs of wealth
for another sporting game coliseum.

So there we are in many places in the world, living in secreted fashion,
mildly fearing the 'non-audience crew' as according to their mindset,
the performing artists chose to be slaves of the indulgent rich.

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