Saturday, May 28, 2011

Queen of France

My Macavezno Monkey friends

Well here they are,
living again under the annoyed presumption that this woman has declared a friendship to their beings.
Perhaps they have another plan and friendship lives a momentary deception that they are trying to free her from wanting.

Here you see ,,
Head council and a minor placated energy from the one in the back of the photo
trying to gain confidence with the oligarchy present.
The main dude leads the sign~ and states,
"There are 2 other leaders present here  if they choose to listen,
with the indeptulous tale that the straw here
represents the young ones 'enthusiasm' at the ready, to acquire whatever "I"
''The head of the council" (the oldest macavenzo on the right)
declares as a value in our group belief.

Our values in belief are an edible value in thought,
that can be reciped, delved out and then re-manufactured
to satisfy each new grouping of experiences."

The regulated woman says,
"This group of monkeys are ever curious
of which one will be their next leader."

Crying foul, the male-chicken crowing is leader of the moment, fool woman,

and trying to interpret my plans via soul~thievery~picture~taking
is as obnoxious as the over-crowing rooster.

"The leader next to you is the new leader? 
or is it a little one across, or will you never vacate your throne?"
the woman demands outloud.

Yes, says the moonsabo to the others,
some humans, (including this woman) are as tiresome as to be ignored
or thier inquistions will age our young thoughts into immaturity.