Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Queen of France

But where did you go from ballet?

Alas innocensa,

 I watched snow geese fly and honk as if in thunder,
awaited their next trip around and missed the fly by,
 Moved rocks a millenia deep and warrent as
 to what the actions purchased to my soul
in their disoriented consequence.  

Found my human to be  a nothing that can tune to a different set of moments
some vast, some profound others simply a reconciled event into pasthoods,
spoken beforeism's, that tempt to aquaint themselves with the truth
within your being as a part-time maker and ownership of that heart.

 Idled poverties fashion without the ride,
contempted gainery financial as i slept nearer to their core,

But either way didn't dance at all  except for one discoing moment at a cousins wedding and chassed partnered 5 steps into the south-west and 4.5 into the north-east with my spousal ballet dancer.