Friday, May 20, 2011

Queen of France

Worker society becomes a Contributory society

A contributory society, is basically a group of persons that contribute their time knowledge and efforts into some sort of work ethic, with no punishments from "you didn't supply to the system enough" .

We are like the waves. as we ebb and flow throughout our lives and disatisfaction can arrive from our disturbed experience of not being able to select our lifes' energetic direction.

Our individual contributions can be vast and vary upon the various time frames in our lives and that ability flow of knowledge and experience is not something that we want to stigmatize into a one year, 'what have you done work ethic'.

And we already know that throughout one's lifetime the worried aquisition of source, for food and housing have lost many diligent thinkers and led many people into the disparaging questions of "why am I even alive? and what was my life even for ?

Many will require time to free themselves from the past rituals of negative thoughts and actions that "I must work this way, pay the bills and then eventually die."

With the money paid up front system at the start of each year, we have more time to allocate ourselves into the choices of who we want to be rather than forced into a career that is not of our own choosing.

The grand perception that we will be a world of holiday slackers will subside and eventually we will acknowledge ourselves into all kinds of different work experiences as we relax into what we each want to attain.

After being a retired house/gardener for a while perhaps that could become a contented situation and that person does input via not over-shopping and traveling and includes added health benefits that do not overstress the system.
Yet for another the green acres life may be """Get me out of here, I want to stock the store shelves"".
Because our time is anew with internet jobs and capabilities,
many varients will exist, from being a price-value setter on ebay for bartered items
to being a specialist voter for a category from a governing topic.

I believe the supply and demand will vary a bit, perhaps fewer choices for a while,
but then there will be an onslaught of new local food choices and artisanry products.

The problem will be machinery jobs, as those workers will most likely want to be more creative,
like make custom wood carving boards for the kitchen and so on.