Friday, June 3, 2011

Queen of France

Parisienne Jardin

A new morning for Paris to wake-up-to every day,
and the journey into the no-automobile experience.
Lucklily Paris already comes equipped with a flowery road design.
Thank you google for the quick help.

Detailing your own garden of eden,
outside from your doorsteps and upon your roof-tops.
Goats and cows also want to be included to live there
for the new hand`milked delicacies offered by the merry milkers.

New chevre cheeses can be exported
along with fresh parisianne tomatoes,
direct to the cities of your choosing.

Train it in.
Train it out.

Please park only the best looking cars at the intersections(round abouts)
*a permanent hot rod car show may want to epic this moment*

(as they will be parked for years.)
Please also make a beautiful flower pattern for the satellites to image map,
and contain large borough areas.
(better than this one)

~~~~~~~~~~(~ = cars parked long, long, term)
~~~~ city blocks ~~~~~~
~~~~ city blocks ~~~~~~
~~~~ city blocks ~~~~~~
~~~~ city blocks ~~~~~

Please also include tow trucks, semi trucks, and various tanker trucks to help
block the intersections and crosswalks,
even though they are mildly annoying,
they still take up a huge space very quickly
and cannot be moved easily.

The cars and trucks can always be re-parked to become a prettier flower,
however as the pollution levels are at death levels now,
driving and parking across the crosswalks (mr strawberry fields and friends)
is an immediate action that must proceed your design wants.
Please go with the quick flower design now,
as it is the easiest for everyone to understand.

Here are the vlogs also,
                                         Parisiene Jardin