Sunday, March 7, 2021

Queen of France

The Vicious Cycle: Taxation & Government Debts

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Money for Money's Sake

Governments that beg for our Workmanship

In brief, I will address the vicious ccycle of our World Economies.
It's quite simple, a Government is only a bank balance, either in debt or in cash.
When a Government goes into debt, whether local or regional or federal, it eventually has to find a loan or a way to pay the debt off. The usual methods are raising taxes, or receiving an International loan from another Country or group of Countries.
If the tax-payers cannot re-coup the losses the Government has over-spent in the first place, they have no choice but to go for the International loan, whether IMF or other.
The vicious cycle for the people begins as being tax-payers. As soon as the needy Government hungers for more income to pay the debts, it forces people to work more in order to pay off their own differential house bills, etc.
Once the people have become too burdened with taxation, and too much work have-to, their quality of life is greatly disturbed. The chance of corruption goes much higher as well.
So, living the life of Riley persae becomes a past illusion, and the people teter upon more and more Government hand-outs on require.

Governments going for the loan

When a Government heads for a loan, more is owed, and the Government will look again at it's people for someway to bail the Government out. The people are burdened financially and the Country goes further into decline as a Nation. All the while, the people themselves change their characters.

Character of Person

At first, it's not the immediate personal character of "accepting oneself as being forever poor", but rather, being one of the character's found at the insiduous levels of classism.
Where usage of a word from "garden" to "yard", means a lesser. I could poke at Britain with this one, as they've proven segregated classes can exist, due to very miniscule details.

Maintaining Status

In these structures of debt-world, the people actually do not rally together, only can they rally within their new associated class. The intense rise of snobbery, is really a beggar to many peoples hearts, and yet they choose to run with that persona for social acceptance, in the seek of their continued financial position and status.
When their status is disrupted or even before, they might discover, the competition that exists world wide. The competion to maintain one's status is brutal, or else be known by their peers as a failure. A castaway known as "fail".
When the world-wide competition has increased into "I have to pay my bills", the finger has to be pointed at the Government tending their flock. Then, as each "lone" Country cannot keep up, one-by-one the Countries will fall; because the efforts of invent and increased monetary gains cannot be reached by their own people.


In business, they call it mergers, and well that will be the direction taken, in order the maintain status as a nation... A Dual-Nation is better than No Nation. Where a US-Canada would not be out of the question. The EU itself has proven to be able to reap from their collective habit, but with any merger, they too can fail. However, for many bundled Countries they have raised their status, so in the beginning, a merger can be a good thing financially for the people. Meaning less work have-to, more price fixing and a given chance to relax until the merger Coordinators over-spend as well.


The key is: to "Never let your Government take, until you're their minion. Balance that Governments checkbook first, and stop their overspending... or lose yourselves into stagnate levels of self, settled into a constant competive class, attempting the escape of a Dual Nation takeover.