Royaume de France: "Not a Fortune 500"

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Queen of France

"Not a Fortune 500"

Trying out "The Online Illusion"

On the way to Success

Finding Failure
Left & Right

with the "1 Person Attack Game"

For a month or so, I've been sowing my oats so to speak,
in the online war of gaining advertisers, to display and pro-offer with due diligence their link into their illustrious online businesses.
Instead on offer, I've received so many company refusals, that one would start to believe that I was a serial killer, & they prefer to block me from earning a living.
My sweet little travel site is new and their slamming it to death. When I need their links, as their part of the sites value also.
As a site about travel without a link to a travel company in coordination, would be retarded. Meaning, that would not be offering a valuable content for viewers.
Even Etsy, a company that thrives of the handiwork of a single human til the wee hours of the night, for their own business to survive, sent my tutu wants to hell. So, even if those beautiful tutu's are "on offer" through their site, I will not be able to assist anyone in the "find" of them. Which is starting to crash Tutu Ballerina into the ground.
Online searching is a disaster for people sometimes, and it wastes countless hours of peoples lives.
My tutu and ballerina sites are all about being a directional helper, and instead I'm flogged for not being a major corporation, already received thousands of hits per day.
I've known that developing a web presence is not instant & competitive, but their refusals are stomping the foot on me before I can even begin. Insulting, to say the least, when people work hours crafting their items, and the online mega "mint sites" says "no" to this little gal.

Going into Business Debt? NO

Running for a bank loan, to hire 20 employees, isn't the answer either. However, these advertisers have proven themselves to be seeking that business stereo-type only. "BIG BUSINESS ONLY" is a welcomed link to them.
Like, they all go to the same golf club and made the decision, to destroy the online upstart woman completely.
Who knew, that offering a list of links to travel company sites would hurt their over-blown egos. They're attempting to put me at a stand still. A stand still to send me into the gutter. You cannot run and say "It's Nothing Personal", they're a coordinated machine of indifference to small businesses.
The question is who is in charge of this dedicated decision to ruin the little guy and gal. Is it a monopoly of dedicated workers that choose to kiss up to their mega corporation superiors, "Yes, we choose big business only, Sir."
Well, that's unethical business practices, and one that even the largest online company "amazon" does not adhere to.
All the while, I push their dejected experience away, and continue like the mad-woman I've always been on this internet of selected dreams & along the way I've been endowed with a few good companies to continue with.

The Great Online Advertisers

Some advertisers are not disrupting the flow of normal business practice and have allowed my 4 websites, to join in.
The Great advertisers, are the ones who participate in fair business tactics, and ones that do not choose elitism towards their rich buddy system, being only on allow. They're much appreciated, and I will list the good guys out:

A few Despairs in the Seek

I really want more eco companies, for instance, ecological shoes, for my travel site, and yet they're not being found, as of yet.

No Worries Though

I did assist in running my old company with 180 virtual servers and ran 3000 domain names. So, I'm more than prepared for 4 websites at once, without extreme issues. I am a maven and will not be obliterated, no matter their push of everyone being their working staff on hire.

Down with Their Over-site of Our Internet

It's our Internet and not theirs to pick and choose what sites are the make or break. It's way too insulting the stranglehold they have on this Internet's direction. Blocking the little upstarts? "Not a Fortune 500? Well go to Hell", That's their saying, to each one of us who tries to entrepreneur in this 2021.
Then, I think for a moment, perhaps it's a lowly worker with an over-blown ego; only seeking major companies for their portfolio of "affiliate-links". What a cloud they too are sitting upon, making the rain on others, through their judgemental's of ordinance and dis-approvals.
What a disappointment they've both been, whether a decision from the companies "book of Guidelines", or a lowly staff worker needing heightened acceptance selecting "Big Business Only". Both have destroyed the fiber of fair business practices.