Monday, February 15, 2021

Queen of France

In the Launch of Another Website

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

My New Blog

Well, it has begun, another chapter towards monetization.
My Queen of France site "here"; is starting to get hits, so I'm going to focus further on my blogs, I've neglected them and almost lost Tutu Ballerina off into the wind.
I just lost interest when dear old amazon took away some of their advertising feeds, a few yrs ago. This time I'm dedicated to using many more companies, in order to achieve results.
No champagne yet! I still have to procure the right advertisers for my "royalty site", (that's a monetary pun).
Thus far, royalty books and even ecological pet foods for my animal pages, could be advertised here.
I decided upon another blog, though, one with less government, & more fine arts and travel related. The domain I went with is ""
Next: to write blogs, html repair, and monetize.
It's kind of fun to write html again, after almost 20 yrs of being a non-techie. That first run up 1996-2003 almost killed me stress wise. This time it's more relaxing, & I've traveled to many countries and it's ok to go back to it.
It's like falling off your horse, and walking away from their online money scene, and getting back on the old horse yrs later. The html code is still the same for the most part, I added grid into my html rep. recently vs tables.
However, tables are sometimes amazing to use.
All the float right and left is too swervy sometimes, so hopefully grids will help out.
I did find a few ghostwriter travel sites, but I prefer to be a known blogger rather than a ghost.
So I prefer to publish my works, via my blogs; instead of sending out my writings of traveling leftovers.
In this afterlife of mine, of being away from so many things. Online publishing and success is so much about being in order and having organization, which can be a tedious chore of constance. Web careers are not for everybody, it's not a playful time, it just represents constant upkeep and adherance. It' a place that feeds on the efforts of workaholics until they become techie burnouts. The fine line is to not let that happen.
So, I'm going to post my travel list-of-places here, for curiosity sake, & Resume safe-keeping. One day I'll add links these to charming places.
night sky
*I've traveled extensively mostly in Europe,
& many of these countries I've also lived long-term:
Great Britain incl. Scotland
Former Yugoslavia
United States; States; California, Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Upstate New York & Manhattan, Connecticut. Cities & Regions; San Francisco Bay Area, Park City & Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Ruidoso, Anchorage, Los Angeles, El Paso