Thursday, February 11, 2021

Queen of France and the Devil Shake Hands

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

My Advice To Never Buy Into

Well, hello, they are looking to rob you 59+ dollars, based upon criteria too stringent for most to comply with.
They have an annual renewal fee, and I asked them "NOT to renew for the next year of services", less than 24 hours after the renewal fee had been charged.
I asked for a downgrade, as I didn't have the money to pay for their services. Instead they kept stating like robotic thieves, "Our terms state that if a renewal was processed you are not eligible for a refund. We processed the renewal on the 18th and you emailed us on the 19th after the renewal already went through. We emailed with a renewal notice on August 11th from to let you know the renewal was going to happen on the 18th. As you did not disable the renewal, the charge was processed. As per our terms you are not eligible for a refund."
After today, I simply wrote to make sure they would never charge me again, and employee "Dillon" who works for pushed the issue into closing my account: because I told him to "get off his high horse" and "understand people don't have the money to pay."
Instead, he threw some kind of company intimidation email back at me, stating, that I had harassed him with discrediting language, (of the high horse), when the company had just outright tried* to steal my money.
"Your account has now been banned and will not be unbanned."
So, High Horse Dillon who prefers to kick the impoverished, has run to the Mommie system of and banned me. Meaning, not only did they attempt to steal my 59+ dollars, they also have closed my account, and removed my photography images.

Naming some Devils as... Bad Companies like...

"Your account has now been banned and will not be unbanned."
I believe is operating outside the US, somewhere in Asia, and the policy to not refund, or even offer a pro-rated refund is an unfair business practice.
There apparently isn't any safeguard in place to stop consumers from being robbed online, by these type of automated renewals, aside from issuing chargebacks.
Persons from this sort of company are apparently given no authority to refund money, and this particular company was very ready with that hateful answer of "NO", you will not ever be refunded.
*I did issue a chargeback many months ago, but that's not a way to conduct business. People should not have to go through that channel for being less than 24 hrs to cancel.
The fact that is operating without the ability to offer refunds is just unethical.
Pretty photos? Well they're not worth it. Be careful dealing with money-hungry
It's been a wierd new year for me. Someone removed my online art gallery website with hundreds of images of my artwork, that I can never replace. & Now, Dillon of feels he has the priority to kick me in the proverbial alley of this cras internet, and ban what meagar photographic images I had on offer.
A rose, is a rose, is a rose, and now mine are all gone. (I might have a few on shutterstock, so go ahead and try to remove all of those images also, big meanies.)
It's kind of like a being dead already and living only as a ghost, my uploaded art and images all gone, only past memories.
The event of online data removal, will happen to each of us when we die. It's just not supposed to be a "kill the artist Therese", prior that time.
What a win for Dillon and the staff of today.
It's time for the haunting of Ghost Therese; "No, she's not dead yet, so sorry she's still alive, she can still bleed, cry and feel pain."