Thursday, January 16, 2020

Queen of France

As the Rose Dies

Under the Constance of False Accusations:

Over Many Years:

She weeps again;

As the minions rally in hopeful conclusions...
Conclusions their harassment worked.
Conclusions they reduced her freedoms.
Conclusions their bullying worked.
Conclusions their intimidation worked.
Conclusions she will now, die sooner.
Conclusions their job profiles worked.
Conclusions homelessness or suicide will be their winning score.
As the rose dies,
the pests of death rise to inherit her wise,
her frugality, her wit and intelligence;
The pests rise to sanctify their reasoning,
in the blood of her destroyed spirit.
As they attempt to near the rose, while she falls into death,
they still connive as winners,
and their egos relish the outcome, from their hatred and despise,
the rose journeys slowly into the depths of earth's floor,
"Future roses as you scatter wide, bring misfortune to their despicable sides."